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Only Another 120 Days to Prepare for Chrome’s Deadline: Why Marketers Should Embrace Cookieless Solutions Today

  • - Travis Clinger
  • 3 min read

Today, Google announced its decision to delay the deprecation of the third-party cookie by four months. The phase out is expected to begin in January 2025 with 100% deprecation of cookies complete by April 2025. But does that really matter? No.

The undisputed reality is that cookies will go away and cookieless solutions perform significantly better than cookies already. Brands, publishers, and agencies who don’t make the transition today will only be impaired tomorrow.

Let’s review the facts.

50% of the web is already cookieless

The 1% deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome already began in January of this year. Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge collectively represent nearly 50% of the web, and that internet has been cookieless for years. CTV is cookieless. Mobile in-app is cookieless and is experiencing a steady increase in signal reduction.

Third-party cookies cannot perform across the channels that matter

If marketers want omnichannel solutions that can measure accurately across screens, deliver better performance, and respect the transparency and choice of their customers, they should be moving away from third-party cookies — and fast. The shift from fall 2024 to early 2025 is only a matter of months.

Cookieless solutions work better today – just ask our customers

The delay to early 2025 is a small one, and as an industry, we should use this time wisely to move to solutions like RampID and Google PAIR which are proven to perform better than cookies ever could. Every cookie campaign should also be targeting cookieless – there’s no reason to lose out on the extra scale of LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution, which enables global addressability by connecting publishers and marketer data to better personalize and measure advertising on authenticated inventory.

Don’t just take our word for it. Ask Omni Hotels & Resorts, which saw a 4X increase in conversion rates by adopting Google PAIR. Or NBCU, which by working with LiveRamp, became the first major CTV provider live on PAIR after seeing the transformative opportunity to enable more effective marketing for its advertisers and personalize the customer journey more effectively. Or Microsoft, which saw a 40% increase in CPMs on authenticated inventory.

Behind these results is LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution, which is built on our durable, privacy-centric identifier, RampID. Together, these interoperable solutions enable every high-quality identifier the ecosystem needs while connecting with LiveRamp’s premier global ecosystem. In short, we’re everywhere consumers are, from the open web to walled gardens, and social platforms to CTV.

In a February 2024 LiveRamp-commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, 81% of enterprises confirmed they want partners with robust capabilities to connect data without relying on deprecated signals like third-party cookies. LiveRamp is delivering on this need today.

LiveRamp and our premier network of global partners make the transition to cookieless easy

For several years, we’ve been collaborating with our partners to build a better way for advertisers to connect with and personalize the consumer journey across every channel that matters:

  • More than 92% of consumer time online in the US is spent on sites and social platforms connected with LiveRamp, via the Authenticated Traffic Solution or our direct, cookieless publisher integrations.
  • This means a marketer working with LiveRamp will soon be able to find 95%+ of the US population through our integrations – all without the need for a third-party cookie, mobile device ID, or IP address. We’re also cross-channel, meaning digital display, mobile web, mobile in-app, social, search, and CTV.
  • More than 18,000 publisher domains are live with Authenticated Traffic Solution today and are accessible to our marketers at the person-level via RampID.
  • Further, we’re live in 22 different markets across the US, LATAM, Europe, and APAC.

Moreover, a recent study found that our Authenticated Traffic Solution enabled stronger monetization for all publishers using the solution, including particularly strong results in cookieless browsers. In H2 2023, across all inventory types, CPMs for RampID inventory were, on average, more than 45% higher than non-RampID inventory.

We’re excited to work with even more customers and partners as they join us on this journey.

Reach out to [email protected] to adopt LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution and RampID today.