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LiveRamp and Pinterest Expand Partnership with New Optimization and Measurement Capabilities

  • - Sam White
  • 3 min read

In today’s market, every marketer must spend every advertising dollar in an accountable, outcome-based way, necessitating scalable solutions that enable accurate reach and measurement without the faults inherent to third-party cookies or mobile identifiers. Further, with signal loss diminishing the effectiveness of traditional pixel-based measurement, marketers must invest in solutions without the dependency on third-party cookies, IP addresses, mobile identifiers, and other legacy signals. Marketers need to be able to securely use their first-party data to personalize, measure, and optimize campaigns to drive greater returns from their marketing investments.

To address the anticipated gap advertisers will see in their ability to track and optimize campaigns, LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution can now be connected with Pinterest’s API for Conversions. This new solution builds on existing capabilities by creating addressable audiences that can be reached at scale and measured on any channel. Building on the back of our Clean Rooms partnership, this integration makes Pinterest the first platform to invest in both measurement solutions for their advertisers.

Enabling more effective marketing today

Powered by LiveRamp’s durable, privacy-centric identifier, RampID, this new integration of LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution and Pinterest’s API for Conversions optimizes campaign performance while protecting consumer data.

The Pinterest API for Conversions enables marketers to send conversions directly to Pinterest. Conversions captured within the Pinterest API can then be used for optimizing campaigns and can be reviewed in conversion reporting for improved conversion visibility. This connectivity helps advertisers to use their own marketing data to optimize ad targeting, decrease cost per action, and more accurately measure campaign outcomes while respecting people’s choices on how their data is used.

LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution builds on these capabilities by using RampID to connect event data that Pinterest uses to optimize campaigns in real time and prove outcomes. RampID can provide Pinterest the signal it needs to move a potential customer from an upper funnel message to a lower funnel message based on an abandoned cart, for example. This connectivity provides a more tailored customer experience at the person level in a privacy-centric way.

How this helps marketers

With this integration, marketers will now be able to:

  • Optimize campaigns with real-time event data: Enable authenticated signal from the full customer journey across cookieless environments such as Safari, Firefox, and Edge to establish more actionable connections with consumers, customizing person-based marketing strategies while respecting users’ privacy choices and streamlining implementation for marketers.
  • Measure more accurately: Advertisers with the API for Conversions combined with the Pinterest Tag have seen a 36% average increase in attributed conversion volume over the Pinterest Tag alone – meaning they’ll have more data to match against, more insight into campaign effectiveness, and a greater analysis of customer behavior.
  • Drive better performance: Advertisers with the API for Conversions saw more effective oCPM campaigns, with an on-average 14% improvement in cost per actions. With higher efficiencies, offline and online insights, and making in-flight adjustments, this integration is likely to improve addressability.

Source: Pinterest Internal Data, Conversion API performance analysis – API + pixel (Tag) evaluation, 01/22/2023 – 01/28/2023

“Pinterest continues to strategically close the gap of anticipated signal loss by building privacy-centric integrations like Liveramp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution to track and optimize conversion campaigns.” says Carrie Sweeney, VP of Retail at Pinterest. “LiveRamp has proven to be a valued partner in delivering important solutions for advertisers that continue to enhance our ability to measure success without dependence on cookies or device identifiers.”

How to get started

To learn more about how LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution and Pinterest’s API for Conversions can boost your marketing, contact [email protected] today.

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