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LiveRamp’s Clean Room Technology Boosts CTV Measurement Through Microsoft Integration

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We’re excited to announce an expanded relationship with Microsoft Advertising to enhance connected TV measurement using the LiveRamp Clean Room, powered by Habu. This integration builds on our years of collaboration with Microsoft Advertising to enable connectivity and the ability for our joint customers to seamlessly connect their first, second, and third-party data across Microsoft properties.

How Data Collaboration Accelerates Media Measurement

CTV is the fastest-growing ad channel, with eMarketer predicting growth of 22.4% to reach $30.10 billion this year. Yet, facing persistent headwinds like expanding signal loss and fragmented media measurement, marketers need a solution to simplify cross-screen measurement and analysis in a privacy-focused way.

Recognizing this challenge, LiveRamp joined forces with Microsoft Advertising to deepen omnichannel measurement using privacy-enhanced data collaboration to safely connect data sets across media platforms, including premium channels and exclusive CTV inventory. Clean room technology via LiveRamp’s Data Collaboration Platform powered by Habu unlocks previously inaccessible data sets across TV, CTV, social media, digital, retail and programmatic so marketers can analyze campaigns, enhance strategic collaborations, and maximize every customer touchpoint.

As more companies rely on the cloud to accelerate their marketing and measurement workflows, LiveRamp and Microsoft Advertising are also using Microsoft Azure Confidential Compute technology to further enhance data privacy and security protections.

“We’re incredibly excited to continue to expand our collaboration with Microsoft to add in measurement capabilities for our brands. Our customers want to be able to use their data to collaborate, activate, and measure touchpoints across the consumer journey and this collaboration does this. This integration furthers our commitment to interoperability and building a privacy-centric ecosystem – this is a pivotal year for advertising and our long standing partnership shows that we can create better results for marketers, publishers, but most importantly the consumer,” shared Travis Clinger, Chief Connectivity and Ecosystem Officer.

“With the infinite amount of data in existence today, measurement is one of the most critical business use cases for improving campaign performance amid cookie deprecation and other loss of signals,” said Lynne Kjolso, VP, Global Partnerships and Retail Media at Microsoft. “Advertisers need privacy-forward solutions and strategic collaborations to safely unlock more insights while making the customer experience more seamless, more powerful, and more impactful. We believe our joint solutions and shared belief in a collaborative ecosystem that is secure and trusted by design, are a game-changer for the industry that will deliver greater value to our customers.”

Enhancing a History of Collaboration and Results

Today’s announcement builds upon the longstanding relationship between LiveRamp and Microsoft Advertising. Microsoft Advertising named LiveRamp as its 2021 Microsoft Client Partner of the Year for bringing our Authenticated Traffic Solution to the global stage and helping drive collaboration and innovation in the ecosystem.

Microsoft Advertising’s prioritization of a privacy-conscious and transparent approach led to its implementation of LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution. By enabling brands to buy its authenticated inventory, Microsoft Advertising was able to increase its CPMs by more than 40% and help advertisers see lifts of 70-80%.

Microsoft Advertising is also an existing partner of Habu, which LiveRamp recently acquired to accelerate data collaboration through enhanced clean room technology. Together, we are simplifying measurement across all media that matters, be it CTV, programmatic, or walled gardens.

This alliance showcases the journey brands undertake with LiveRamp and Microsoft Advertising, enabling seamless collaboration, connectivity, and measurement across a diverse array of premium advertising properties.

Marketers interested in transforming their media measurement with Microsoft and LiveRamp can reach out to [email protected] today.

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