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LiveRamp Spring 2021 News

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It’s hard to believe we’re a fourth of the way through 2021. See what we’ve been up to and how we’re helping the advertising industry prepare for impending changes in the ecosystem.

LiveRamp acquires DataFleets

In February, we welcomed DataFleets to LiveRamp to power next-generation distributed data collaboration. DataFleets’ technologies offer a next-generation set of privacy-enhancing data controls that analyze and remove barriers to data access and usage, while also freeing data from having to be copied or moved to another location for processing. 

Read more on how, together with DataFleets’ privacy-enhancing technology, LiveRamp products and platforms provide enterprises with more flexible options for secure data collaboration. 

Google’s recent announcement: what should you do next?

Google recently announced that they would be focusing their buy-side technology on federated learning of cohorts (FLoC) and not leveraging other identifiers for their programmatic buy-side platform. This news is a reminder that the end of third-party cookies is near. 

One of the most common questions we heard in conversations post announcement was, “What should I start doing today to get ahead of industry changes and start seeing results?” Read more on our recommendations for marketers, platforms, and publishers.

Made In and activating first-party data

Recently, LiveRamp helped professional-quality cookware brand Made In leverage their first-party data to discover new audiences. 

In this customer story video, Chip Malt, CEO and Co-founder of Made In, explains how LiveRamp enabled Made In to find millions more users that looked exactly like the customers they were trying to reach—and then activated them on the channels they had already tested and perfected. As a result of these efforts, Made In was able to go from diminishing results to tasty returns on their advertising investments. 

RampUp Virtual Summit 2021

Dare we say RampUp 2021 was our best virtual RampUp yet? We opened with a keynote from producer, actress, and writer Issa Rae. Our engaging speakers, including those from Peloton, Google, and Bayer; our incredible sponsors; and attendees chatting in the console throughout sessions really made our virtual event dynamic. Read the recap of the event. 

True fluidity and structuring TV deals to maximize ROI

Now more than ever, marketers need real-time measurement to quantify the value of their media investments. Media owners, publishers, and content distributors responded to this need with cross-screen activation and measurement that allows the buy and sell sides to collaborate in moving budget across channels to maximize ad buys—a concept we call true fluidity. Watch this webinar replay to learn more about the flexibility true fluidity enables, and how media programmers and providers can use it to increase yield and maximize ROI. 

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