Partner Spotlight: LiveIntent

Marketing Innovation

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Partner Spotlight: LiveIntent

Marketing Innovation

At LiveRamp, we believe that better connectivity makes all the data and applications in the marketing ecosystem more valuable.

This is why, a year after our first partnership announcement with LiveIntent, we want to shine the spotlight on them once again as a great example of creating greater value using their technology combined with LiveRamp’s connectivity.

In this interview, we speak to LiveIntent’s Joe Dressler, SVP of National Sales, to learn more about the solutions they’re offering and how their integration with LiveRamp can provide new and better solutions for marketers today.

  1. Can you provide a brief overview of LiveIntent and the value your technology brings to marketers?

 LiveIntent is a smarter way to market and advertise in email. Our platform is powered by the only digital ID tied to a real person, the email address, enabling data and targeting that performs across all devices, screens, and browsers in a fraud-free, highly viewable environment.

 2. How do you help marketers engage with their customers across different marketing channels and/or devices? 

LiveIntent is committed to innovating on its superpower: building on the ability to target anonymized email addresses across devices using the No Identity Graph.

We believe that the future of marketing relies in combining deterministic reach with probabilistic capabilities. 

 We’re thrilled to have forward-looking partners like LiveRamp who share a commitment to making marketing better for brands, advertisers, publishers, and most importantly, consumers.

3. What is one of the most challenging aspects clients face when planning, executing, and measuring marketing or advertising campaigns?  

One of the most challenging aspects clients face when planning is knowing the best audience to go after.

Is it wise to get the brand message out with a lot of waste? This is more upper funnel.

Is it a step below with a demographic segmentation? The challenge there is, are you missing roughly 30% of your market that would buy but are not in your core?

As you get deeper down the funnel, you get to people who have shown intent or interest.  At that stage, the hardest part is finding, collecting, and targeting them with the perfect message.

Site retargeting with cookies is one example, but the future seems to be targeting people off a hash, or de-identified email address.

As far as measuring, you need one unique identifier, otherwise any offline sales will never be attributed to online advertising. You need a mechanism to connect the entire customer journey no matter where they are.

4. How can marketers implement consistent targeting and measurement into their planning process to ensure they’re optimizing strategies towards driving the highest ROI? 

Driving a true vision of targeting and measurement has to come from one moment of truth. What is the one identifier that can work on mobile, desktop, TV, magazines, or in-store?

Over the past year, the email address has become that value that marketers are holding on to. It has another value, which unlike a simple cookie (only an identifier), can be used to market with outbound messages which improves the overall value.

5. How does the partnership with LiveRamp expand LiveIntent’s current offerings?

The integration will allow marketers to bring their first-party and third-party data onto our platform via the LiveIntent No Identity Graph and the LiveRamp Connect Integration. When LiveIntent is connected to clients’ digital platforms, marketers can synchronize all their campaigns – across every channel – by sending data segments from any marketing platform to LiveIntent.

6. Regarding the question above, can you give me an example? Any particular use cases you’re excited about? 

  • We’re excited that clients are able to cookie match from DMPs simply and seamlessly – they can reach audiences created by their DMPs in LiveIntent, adding the powerful channel of email to their multitouch marketing strategies to address their high-value customers
  • The ability to add LiveIntent’s people-based targeting to clients’ existing cookie-based marketing strategies
  • High cross-channel match rates, powered by one of the biggest neutral online footprints in the industry, seeing billions of devices per day

What’s Next?

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