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LiveRamp Innovation Studio at RampUp 2019

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At RampUp 2019, we inaugurated the LiveRamp Innovation Studio, where we presented new projects we’re working on and answered questions on our current LiveRamp offerings.

Here’s a snapshot of what was shared:

Cross-DSP optimization

We all know the issues in programmatic: multiple DSPs (demand-side platforms), inefficient ad spend, poor customer experiences, and more. To address them, we’re teaming up with Comscore on a beta solution we’re piloting on cross-platform audience-targeting optimization. Our solution tracks daily conversion and impression feeds across multiple DSPs so marketers can recognize and maintain ideal ad exposure for each user, across media plans and channels. In the Innovation Studio, we discussed that by looking at this daily view, advertisers can see if they’ve been reaching a consumer too frequently or if they converted or not, at which point their associated IdentityLink would be removed from a target audience and the budget reallocated to a new, right-sized audience.

As Angela Bianco Rodriguez, VP of Ad Platform Partnerships at Comscore put it, through this solution advertisers can “take existing dollars and spend smarter.” If you’re interested in learning more, email [email protected].

Bridge the gap between people- and account-based marketing

B2B marketers now have the data to understand their audiences at the person and the company level. This opens up a wealth of more efficient, effective B2B marketing use cases, and minimizes awkward situations like the one our presenter, Spencer Smith, Head of Product Marketing for LiveRamp B2B, shared in the Innovation Studio.

“I was in Singapore a few weeks ago with our COO, Pieter De Temmerman, who kept getting a call from a technology provider. He finally answered and the person on the other line said, ‘Hi, is this Spencer Smith from Pacific Data Partners?’” LiveRamp acquired Pacific Data Partners a year ago, meaning the technology provider’s data was already incorrect in attributing Pieter’s number to Spencer, and outdated by a year at least.

If either Pieter or Spencer did eventually make a purchase from this company, there would be no way to correlate any of their previous touchpoints to the sale at the account- or person-based level.

Certainly that B2B company isn’t the only one out there with low-quality or outdated data on employees and employers. To learn more about our B2B data products, measurement solutions, and more, check out the LiveRamp B2B microsite.

Third-party data augments first-party data—even on Facebook

When Facebook changed its policies regarding Custom Audiences and Partner Categories, marketers lost the ability to augment their audiences with third-party data. To fulfill this need, LiveRamp enhanced the IdentityLink Data Marketplace for Facebook, which provides access to more than 50 Facebook-approved data sellers. In the Innovation Studio, we walked attendees through various use cases and our workflow and upcoming automated reporting feature.

For a deeper dive into the topic, listen to our Facebook and third-party data webinar.

That’s a wrap from RampUp 2019! Thank you to all who came, braved the weather, and asked thoughtful questions. Follow @RampUp to see what else you may have missed during the conference.