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LiveRamp Innovation Studio: Overcoming Challenges for B2B Marketers

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In today’s media landscape, marketers are often faced with the challenges of an ever-evolving ecosystem. And B2B marketers are met with an additional set of unique challenges—longer sales cycles, a target audience that is not necessarily easily identifiable, and a number of influencers within an organization who impact the purchasing decision. 

During RampUp New York, LiveRamp B2B’s Spencer Smith discussed the current landscape B2B marketers face and how LiveRamp can help them overcome these hurdles.

If you can’t access your data, you’re not alone

B2B marketers don’t lack data—it’s just not at their fingertips. A recent AdWeek study cited that one of the biggest challenges B2B marketers face is tapping into their myriad of data sources and making it actionable. When asked about the biggest obstacles to overcome for data activation, 32% cited siloed or inaccessible customer data. Additionally, the same number of marketers called out the integration of marketing and sales platforms as a hindrance in activating their first-party data. While the influx of data gives B2B marketers a competitive advantage, its potential has generally remained untapped. 

Data done differently

Even when the data they need becomes accessible or unsiloed, B2B marketers are challenged with determining who the decision makers are at any given account. Accurately identifying your potential customers is the core of successful B2B marketing, ensuring marketers are not only reaching the right company, but also the appropriate person or group of people within that organization. These account-based marketing (ABM) practices are on the rise, with an additional 22% of brands citing they plan to use ABM this year, according to the AdWeek study. 

B2B data unification and beyond

B2B marketers don’t have to operate in data silos. LiveRamp B2B empowers B2B marketers to improve campaign success and efficiency by reaching the right audience in a data-driven way. LiveRamp’s B2B solutions enable identity resolution to first unify first-party data at the professional and/or account level, then onboard to any destination, whether it’s to a DSP (demand-side platform), social media channel, or any other marketing application, so you can truly activate your first-party data. To enrich campaigns or for those lacking their own first-party data, B2B marketers can also activate global third-party audiences based on a variety of syndicated segments, including B2B buyer intent, location, and firmographics. B2B marketers can also create their own custom audiences to match their unique campaign needs. Finally, generate omnichannel, account-based reports and insights with LiveRamp B2B to ensure your campaigns are performing.

Getting started with LiveRamp B2B

To hear more about how LiveRamp B2B can help unlock and unify your first-party data, target the key decision makers at an account and measure the success of your initiatives, check out the LiveRamp Innovation Studio session from RampUp New York and visit to get started.