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Don’t Let Your Campaigns Drown in “Identity Soup”

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

Maximize campaign performance and rebuild consumer trust with a privacy-first data strategy

Every marketer wants campaigns to deliver measurable business results, but oftentimes it can feel like campaign performance is hampered for reasons outside your control.

In our ever-growing digital landscape—TikTok, retail media networks, connected TV, programmatic, oh my!—creative messaging only takes a campaign so far. In addition to serving as ideation machines, marketers must find and use tech solutions that will deliver stronger reach and audience insights in a soon-to-be cookieless world. 

Turning to quick band-aids for customer information gaps, such as hashed emails, can feel like the right (and easiest) solution when, in reality, your campaign could still be drowning in the “identity soup” that is created during each customer’s personalized journey. As consumer touch points expand across digital channels, new IDs are created on every platform, website, and streaming service that a customer uses, preventing you from building a complete view of the customer and garnering better campaign results.

In a recent webinar, LiveRamp’s Christine Grammier and Travis Clinger shared how marketers can save their campaigns from sinking into identity soup and losing signal, and maximize campaign performance with a long-lasting data strategy that reaches consumers across channels in a privacy-conscious manner. Here are a few key takeaways from their conversation.

You can reach consumers across more touch points than you think.

You can more meaningfully protect consumer privacy today to better prepare for upcoming legislation.

You can connect the entire customer journey for improved personalization.

A fragmented customer journey is one constant in today’s ecosystem that marketers can rely on and prepare for. While there’s not one identifier to rule them all, some identifiers have the ability to maximize campaign performance and strengthen consumer relationships. Watch Maximize Campaign Performance by Building a Winning Customer Data Strategy to learn how to establish a data architecture that reaches consumers in more places and serves the privacy and trust that all consumers crave.