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Digiday+ Talks Recap: What Comes after the Cookie

  • - LiveRamp
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On May 12th, Digiday+ Talks featured LiveRamp’s SVP and Head of Publishing, Jason White, along with Jarrod Dicker, VP Commercial, from The Washington Post. Moderated by Lara O’Reilly from Digiday, the panel discussed “What Comes after the Cookie,” where Jason and Jarrod both addressed the elephant in the room for publishers—ad revenue will take a hit if they don’t find a solution to build audiences without cookies. But it was not all doom and gloom. The two industry leaders outlined a path forward for a new business model in an advertising ecosystem built on trust. 

In the clips below, Jason shares what publishers should be prioritizing now to prepare for a cookieless world by building valuable audiences and maintaining addressability.

Supporting the need for change, Jarrod provided his opinion on the future of the advertising ecosystem:

“We should all be thinking about it as an opportunity. I don’t think there’s many who believe that the way that things currently work today, or have worked over the past few years, are ideal. They’re not ideal for users. They’re not ideal for consumer experiences. There’s fraud there’s the inability to attribute and track. Now we are able to lean on [authentication] that has purpose and is valuable from a consumer point of view and build a new ecosystem on top of it—structuring new foundations, not just trying to renovate the current construct and systems that we have today and try to make them privacy compliant—with a huge emphasis on tokens, identity, and attribution. So interoperability, cross-browser, and showing value to advertisers and brands is a really smart way to think about an offensive strategy to create new metrics.”

Has your interest been piqued?  Check out the full session here.

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