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Announcing LiveRamp’s Data Innovators Program

August 28, 2017  |   LiveRamp

In bringing IdentityLink for data owners and the Data Marketplace feature to market, we spoke to a world where anyone with digital consumer touch-points can be considered a “data owner.” IdentityLink provided them with the means of easily making that data available to support the people-based initiatives marketers want.

As the data ecosystem grows, and the demands of people-based marketing become more and more sophisticated, we noticed that there are opportunities to leverage IdentityLink to create more impactful data products.

Enter LiveRamp’s Data Innovators program: a cross-industry data partnership ecosystem.

The Data Innovators Program

Leveraging IdentityLink, data owners who participate in the Data Innovators program are empowered to collaborate and co-create data products, now more easily than ever before.

Prior to the Data Innovators program, contracting, matching, and delivering partnership-enabled products required a lot of overhead and time. Our goal is to remove that friction, as all participants have already undergone a rigorous privacy and compliance review and are already leveraging IdentityLink.

IdentityLink resolves information to a privacy-conscious consumer identifier and allows data to be seamlessly translated across marketing channels. Data owners using IdentityLink can easily map their audiences deterministically, from any data source cookie, mobile, or offline.

Data Innovators’ multidimensional audience segments offer marketers access to new and more efficient ways to connect with engaged consumers across the U.S. For example:

  • Location + intent: drive action with audiences that have visited specific locations and searched for relevant content
  • TV viewership + demographic: generate awareness with TV audiences by age, gender, and household income
  • Lifestage + lifestyle: reach audiences at pivotal life stages segmented by discretionary spend level
  • Health + weather: retain audiences who could be affected by weather-related symptoms

Data Innovators participants can create data sets for syndication to be available to any Data Marketplace buyers, or create custom segments at client requests.

How it works:

  1. Forge cross-industry partnerships: Easily view participating partners and get in touch with them quickly
  2. Merge data safely: In Connect, easily merge data with your new partners in a privacy-conscious way
  3. Activate data for use: New data sets are discoverable in the Data Marketplace by advertisers, agencies, and platforms
  4. Simplified billing: LiveRamp handles all payment, proportionally paying out to contributing partners

Getting Started

Marketers can discover these audiences in the LiveRamp IdentityLink Data Marketplace by searching “Innovators,” and activating the segment by distributing directly to their media platform of choice.

Some active partners include AnalyticsIQ, Crosspixel, Gravy Analytics, PCH, Skydeo, Stirista, V12 Data, and Webbula.

Want to learn more? Read more about joining the Data Innovators Program and about how you can use it to find the data you need.

Data partners can contact their account team or email to get started.