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Channel Surfing: How to Advance Your CTV Planning Game

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

The fragmentation struggle is real. With connected TV becoming a hot commodity, brands need to adapt quickly to make sense out of the alphabet soup that includes CTV, OTT, AVOD, and SVOD and extract the most value for their advertising spend. While these newer channels are bringing data, speed, and agility to the TV marketplace, marketers need to understand where the gaps are and how they intersect with the traditional TV planning process—especially during the Upfronts. This was at the heart of the recent AdWeek webinar, “Channel Surfing: How to Advance Your CTV Planning Game,” featuring Christine Grammier, Head of Buy Side TV at LiveRamp; Jay Prasad, Chief Strategy Officer at LiveRamp; and John Bulgrin, Senior Vice President of Sales at Comscore.

Christine kicked things off by sharing a brand and agency checklist for TV success in 2021:

  • Don’t wait—start pre-Upfront planning
  • Shift from GRP to impressions
  • Prepare to activate first-party & third-party audiences
  • Balance cross-screen reach and frequency
  • Forecast & guarantee in CTV
  • Track business outcomes

The conversation then turned to a focus on three specific areas that will help brands execute the checklist to build an Upfront strategy and beyond:

1. Plan your holistic approach to advertising with identity across screens.

2. Activate data everywhere your target audiences are.

3. Measure across partners and screens.

John also shared details about the LiveRamp/Comscore relationship, and how brands can start reimagining TV buying today.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. Marketers are currently in a critical window for planning their CTV strategy and will be negotiating deals that affect their top line for the full year. Marketers should do foundational work now so they can reap the rewards this year and beyond.

For further insights, watch the full replay or download our e-book, “Navigating the Fragmented World of Cross-Screen TV.”  To get started, email us at [email protected]