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ARF Shopper X Science Recap: Unlocking Insights with Retail Partners

  • - LiveRamp
  • 1 min read

Does our media strategy reflect consumers ever-changing habits? Danone asked itself this question and turned to Numberly and LiveRamp to design an experiment by which the brand could achieve two objectives:

  1. Understand the impact of digital on audience segments and their path to purchase.
  2. Optimize omnichannel activations based on transactional data.

At ARF’s Shopper X Science event, Numberly’s Thibault Munier, Co-founder and COO; Numberly’s Annia Champsaur, Marketing Technologist; and Glen Roth, Head of Business Development for LiveRamp Safe Haven, shared how they enabled Danone to safely and securely collaborate with retail partners, overlaying their sales data with Danone’s audience data to achieve their objectives. 

By working together in LiveRamp Safe Haven, Danone’s marketers and data scientists were able to track individuals’ customer journeys from media exposure to purchase, and accurately measure incrementality:

Incremental Impact: +7.9% in overall conversion rate, +17.0% in ecommerce conversion rate, +22.4% in visitors on the retailer's website, +24.7% in total sales

Watch our quick, 15-minute case study presentation from Shopper X Science to understand how Danone overcame traditional barriers to data collaboration and unlocked new insights across six audience segments. 

To see how you can get started with data collaboration to sharpen your media strategies and boost ROAS, reach out to [email protected].