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Adweek Webinar Recap: How to Build a Lasting Data Foundation

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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.” Manuel Cimarosti, Director of Media: Data Strategy & Measurement Analytics at Danone, shared this advice during our Adweek webinar, How to Build a Lasting Data Foundation. He and his team recently completed a nearly two-year-long project, moving from using their agency’s DMP to charting their own data future with LiveRamp Safe Haven. The majority of our live audience stayed on for the full hour to hear how Manuel and his team assessed their data and technology needs, connected with stakeholders and an executive sponsor, and ultimately chose LiveRamp.

Danone’s data strategy journey began with the brand’s desire to understand what media data the brand had access to, where it was stored, and how it was activated. This “spring cleaning” process was followed by subsequent interviews with multiple vendors to address its data access and enablement needs, leading Manuel and his team to use LiveRamp Safe Haven. 

“We were not really able to find what we needed except with LiveRamp, which has integrations with all the good data sources. It’s a one-stop shop,” he said.

With LiveRamp Safe Haven, Danone now owns its data architecture and strategy. Formerly reliant on its agency’s DMP and third-party data, the brand can now bring all of its first-party data together, directly connect to third-party data sources, and safely and securely collaborate with trusted partners to build a complete view of the customer. 

Manuel shared this three-phase process for collaborating with a variety of stakeholders to build and own Danone’s new data foundation:

Getting to Great: Make Your Business Case, Bring your key stakeholders along your journey, exec sponsorship

Watch the full webinar below:

No matter where you are on your data strategy journey, LiveRamp Safe Haven can provide the infrastructure and control to support your needs. For more on how LiveRamp Safe Haven works, reach out to us now.