AdTech Predictions from Connexity for 2016 & Beyond

Marketing Innovation

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AdTech Predictions from Connexity for 2016 & Beyond

Marketing Innovation

[Editor’s note: We recently sat down with Connexity’s VP of Marketing, Paul Martecchini, to get his thoughts on the future of marketing and the challenges CMOs are facing right now. This blog post is a compilation of those conversations. Connexity is the platinum sponsor of RampUp 2016.]

  1. What marketing trends do you predict will be most prominent in 2016?

In 2016 there will be more advanced and innovative data partnerships that allow marketers to supplement their own first-party data.

Beyond that, the marketing industry will also continue to seamlessly unify consumer insights with programmatic media campaigns.

Other trends to keep an eye on include continued industry consolidation, compiling and combining data assets, viewability, and attribution.

  1. What brand do you view as a leader in digital marketing, and why?

In the eCommerce space, I see companies like Toms, Warby Parker, and Bonobos as great examples of innovative digital brands.

They’ve established a unique voice and represent something bigger than the products they sell.

I think that their authenticity and respect for the customer experience sets them up for blockbuster growth as they start opening retail stores.

  1. What do you think are the biggest challenges CMOs are facing today?

a) Efficiently turning insights and data into action

I see many marketers struggle with an “information gap” between their insights (audience data, segmentation, competitive intelligence, and first-party data) and audience activation (prospecting, media buying, targeting, audience modeling, and growth).

Marketers are forced to essentially play telephone with their data, and the information becomes increasingly diluted by the time it’s executed into actual campaigns.

The right industry technology and processes need to be in place to bridge this gap between audience insights and audience activation; we need to create a feedback loop that allows marketers to target and optimize smarter with high-quality, relevant data.

b) Using data as a competitive advantage

Based on a recent IAB study, many companies still struggle to leverage data as a competitive advantage, particularly when it comes to supporting revenue and business goals.

That being said, many marketers and brands have been able to gather much better insights on their own audience and customers than ever before.

The big winners in 2016 will be able to effectively leverage their own data and strong data partnerships in order to outperform their competitors.

  1. My CMO idol is:

Philip Schiller, because Apple’s marketing efforts don’t focus on features and benefits, but instead, the spirit or ‘why’ behind the brand.

  1. Why are you attending RampUp 2016, and what are you most excited for?

RampUp is the perfect place to connect with a community of cutting-edge marketers and data providers.

We are excited to see who we can partner with to continue to be on the leading edge of ad tech innovation.

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