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Target These Five Addressability Sessions during RampUp Worldwide Virtual Summit

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Digital advertising is constantly evolving, and like any industry, experiences growing pains. However, this past year has paved the way to exceptional challenges and opportunities for the ecosystem to learn from and adapt. During this year’s RampUp Worldwide Virtual Summit, you can expect that thought leaders from around the world will share their insights, learnings, and best practices on many topics, including building addressable audiences, activation, measurement, identity, and more. We’ve put together a short list of must-attend sessions if you are looking to get the most out of the summit. Check out the events below, and be sure to register today!

1. ATS: How Far We’ve Come, Where We’ll Go, and How to Build Your Addressability Strategy

Tuesday, September 29, 11:30 am – 12:15 pm EDT
In this publisher-focused session, we provide an update on the explosive expansion of the LiveRamp Authentication Traffic Solution (ATS) and cover strategies on how you can begin to think about growing addressability to prepare yourself for a world without cookies and device IDs. We’ll also touch on the future of ATS and how it complements our Safe Haven solution.
Michael Silberman, SVP, Strategy, Piano
Jason White, SVP, Head of Publishers, LiveRamp
Ian Meyers, Senior Product Manager, LiveRamp

2. Achieving Addressable Reach with People-Based Identity

Tuesday, September 29, 12:15 – 1:00 pm EDT
As third-party cookies and other identifiers become increasingly scarce, it’s critical to find viable solutions to ensure you can continue to target and measure effectively. Learn how Fitbit improved ROAS and other key business metrics by running campaigns on the LiveRamp Authenticated Identity Infrastructure.
Jay Newell, Senior Director, Media & Customer Acquisition, Fitbit
Joe Lyons, VP, Strategic Partnerships, LiveRamp

3. What COVID-19 Teaches Us about Mobile Marketing

Wednesday, September 30, 2:00 – 2:45 pm EDT
Mobile has become an essential channel as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. During shelter-in-place, most people downloaded at least one new app, and use of social media, video conferencing, gaming, and streaming media apps skyrocketed. Find out how top marketers are using mobile as a channel and measuring results amidst changing policies from Apple and Google.
Amanda Martin, VP, Enterprise Partnerships, Goodway Group
Amy Hu, VP, Digital and Performance Marketing, New York Life

4. Diversify or Die: Reinventing the Modern Media Company

Thursday, October 01, 12:00 – 12:45 pm EDT
The digital age lit a fire under publishers to diversify or die—the more time people spent online, the less willing they became to pay for content, and the more frustrated they were with seeing ads funding the media they consume. This presentation shares how one media company reinvented itself to feed consumers’ insatiable appetite for amazing content and advertisers’ need for better intelligence to gain new, authenticated first-party data.
Jason White, SVP, Head of Publishers, LiveRamp
Jay Glogovsky, Senior Director, Revenue Analytics and Operations, The New York Times

5. Managing a Post-IDFA World

Thursday, October 01, 1:00 – 1:45 pm EDT
With iOS 14’s new privacy regulations on the horizon, advertisers and publishers are preparing for what they believe the immediate impacts will be. Whether or not this will cause a domino effect across the industry with Android next—as was the case with third-party cookies on Safari and Chrome—remains unknown. Our panel discusses the future of mobile IDs and the consumer experience, and how advertisers, publishers, and platforms can collaborate on delivering what’s best for consumers and marketers.
Travis Clinger, SVP, Addressability and Ecosystem, LiveRamp
Liane Nadeau, Head of Precision Media, Digitas
Nola Solomon, VP, AdSmart Programmatic, Advanced Advertising Products and Strategy, NBCUniversal
Prashant Upase, Head of Product for Growth and AdTech, Uber

These are just a few of the many innovative and informative sessions being presented. Check out the full agenda including keynotes. Register today!