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Ad Fraud Prevention: Building the Case For People-Based Marketing

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According to Forrester, ad fraud will reach $10.9 billion in wasted spend by 2021. This figure speaks to marketers’ constant struggle with digital advertising fraud and the havoc it wreaks on targeting, budgeting, and measurement – if you can’t even be sure that you’re reaching a human being, let alone the right ones, how can you justify marketing spend and set realistic metrics?

We spoke with Dr. Augustine Fou, digital ad fraud researcher at Marketing Science Consulting Group, to assess the current situation with ad fraud, discuss ways to prevent it, and bolster the business case for people-based marketing.

Q: By most projections, ad fraud is only projected to increase. To what can we attribute this growth?

A: A few factors are contributing to the continued increase in ad fraud. First, dollars continue to pour into digital. Even TV ads are starting to be bought and sold programmatically. So as the ad dollars grow, the ad fraud dollars also go up.

This has become such a large pool of dollars that every criminal element wants in. They have access to black hat hackers who make more and more advanced bots that can get by most, if not all, forms of fraud detection. So bad guys have both the motive and the means to make a ton of money from ad fraud.

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