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Protecting Ad Revenue and Prioritizing Consumer Transparency in Mobile Gaming

Earlier this month, LiveRamp’s Jason White, SVP of Publishers, and Ryan Shute, Mobile App Lead, spoke at White Nights, a leading global B2B event for the game industry. Their session, “Protecting Ad Revenue and Prioritizing Consumer Transparency in Mobile Gaming,” took a deep dive into the challenges app publishers are currently facing and how they […]

A Quick Guide To Data Collaboration and Clean Rooms

Do you ever think to yourself – what is data collaboration? This isn’t an easy question to answer. So where do you start? You might delve into research, but then terms like data clean rooms or interoperability can make understanding data collaboration and its value feel complex and nearly impossible.  LiveRamp’s Kevin Dunn and Alysia […]

Power Stronger Campaign Measurement With Pinterest, Snapchat, and LiveRamp

Now more than ever, brands are coming to publishers with a range of complex marketing measurement needs. From understanding how ads are driving return on ad spend (ROAS) to looking deeper into how one advertising tactic is performing compared to others, brands are working hard to prove marketing value as a revenue driver for the […]

Explore How Surging Viewership Is Redefining TV Strategies

On June 17th, Variety’s Streaming Room webinar, “Surging Viewership Rewriting TV Measurement Strategies,” kicked off with research presented by LiveRamp’s Christine Grammier, Manager Director, Strategic Growth, featuring key insights focused on cross-screen consumption during shelter-in-place and how brands can better reach their targeted audiences. Todd Spangler, NY Digital Editor, Variety, then led a spirited panel […]

Navigating the New Era of Cookieless Identity and Addressability

For many years, digital advertising has relied on the third-party cookie to power the value exchange of the internet—free or reduced-cost content in exchange for advertisements. Unfortunately, the third-party cookie lacks transparency, and the value exchange was not well explained to the consumer.  Now, privacy regulation and big tech’s self-policing are causing the death of […]

Adweek NexTech Recap: First-Party Data, Identity, Activation, and Measurement

Following an unprecedented year, marketers have found themselves having to recalibrate their relationships with technology and their consumers. In late July, Adweek hosted its third annual NexTech to hear from industry leaders like LiveRamp who provided insights into integrated strategies needed to succeed in 2021 and beyond. LiveRamp TV’s Chief Strategy Officer Jay Prasad shared […]

ARF Shopper X Science Recap: Unlocking Insights with Retail Partners

Does our media strategy reflect consumers ever-changing habits? Danone asked itself this question and turned to Numberly and LiveRamp to design an experiment by which the brand could achieve two objectives: Understand the impact of digital on audience segments and their path to purchase. Optimize omnichannel activations based on transactional data. At ARF’s Shopper X […]

Drive Growth through Uncertainty with Innovative Data Strategies

Normal is a word that many yearn for in times of uncertainty. While no one knows when we will return to “normal” and what that even entails, the best we can do is learn to embrace change and figure out how to drive business growth.  This was on my mind when I kicked off our […]

Create More Value For Your Customers Before and After the Holiday Rush

It’s the busiest time of year and marketers are trying to engage more customers in a low-budget holiday season. Not to mention, you’re putting more irons in the fire planning for next year’s campaigns, and throughout this holiday buzz, there’s one item at the top of your wish list: drive higher revenue. Tactics that increase […]

How to Reach Your Consumers through a Fragmented Ad Ecosystem

As you may have noticed, your consumers aren’t who they used to be.  Like you, they’ve had to navigate the two years following a challenging pandemic, and as a result, their habits and behaviors will never be the same. According to McKinsey & Company, COVID-19 brought about years of consumer behavior changes in the span […]
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