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TV Is Changing—Are You Keeping Up?

Television ad campaigns are still a valuable investment, with consumers watching more than a day’s worth of programming each week. Now, advertisers have more power than ever to reach audiences where they’re spending the most time—and that’s not always in front of a set-top box in the living room. Viewers also are no longer confined […]

Embracing the Era of Addressable TV: Insights from the Forrester Consulting Study

Change is inevitable, and the best course of action is to embrace it with fascination, not frustration. “Embracing the Era of Addressable TV,” a Forrester Consulting study commissioned by DISH that LiveRamp was proud to cosponsor, takes a look at the TV industry, specifically the actions marketers need to take to navigate the use of […]

LiveRamp to Acquire DataFleets to Unlock the Full Power of Data Collaboration without Moving Data

We hear this question often: “How can I make the most of my data and keep it safe?” To answer it, customers have to consider the type of data, how it was collected, where it is stored, what was communicated to consumers, and what data can leave your enterprise. These are difficult areas to navigate […]

LiveRamp New Partnership Roundup: comScore, Ibotta, and Kiip

Our strength is in our partnerships. Not only are we constantly adding new platforms, data providers, and publishers to our people-based marketing family, but we’re also deepening and evolving existing relationships to bring you new people-based solutions. That’s why we’re excited to bring you a roundup of some of our newest partners and new features […]

How IdentityLink Works for People-Based Targeting

Pulling off cross-channel people-based marketing is a technical feat. And diving into it will show you how IdentityLink works. To achieve a complete view of every customer, you need to break down long-established silos and bring disparate data sets together through identity resolution. But the technical challenges shouldn’t overshadow the outcomes you’re aiming for. There […]

What Is Conditional Firing and Why Is It Necessary for GDPR Compliance?

One of the aspects of website compliance for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that can be most confusing is conditional firing. If you have a website that processes the personal data of EU visitors and do not have conditional firing set up, you are almost certainly not GDPR compliant. The reason is simple: […]

Answers to Your Google Announcement Questions

Yesterday, Google provided further guidance on their vision for the cookieless future, announcing that they would be focusing their buy-side technology on Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) and not leveraging other identifiers for their programmatic buy-side platform. Google highlighted the importance of first-party data and developing strong, direct consumer relationships – a truth LiveRamp has […]

RampUp 2019 preconference recap: IdentityLink for DSPs, forging new standards, and keep calm and test on

Greetings from RampUp 2019! Here’s a recap of what happened during our preconference that you may have missed: Insight #1: IdentityLink is now available for demand-side platforms (DSPs). Yesterday morning, LiveRamp announced the availability of IdentityLink for Real-Time Bidding, enabling DSPs (demand-side platforms) to receive the access to IdentityLink that supply-side platforms (SSPs) get through […]

Channel Surfing: How to Advance Your CTV Planning Game

The fragmentation struggle is real. With connected TV becoming a hot commodity, brands need to adapt quickly to make sense out of the alphabet soup that includes CTV, OTT, AVOD, and SVOD and extract the most value for their advertising spend. While these newer channels are bringing data, speed, and agility to the TV marketplace, […]

Don’t Let Your Campaigns Drown in “Identity Soup”

Maximize campaign performance and rebuild consumer trust with a privacy-first data strategy Every marketer wants campaigns to deliver measurable business results, but oftentimes it can feel like campaign performance is hampered for reasons outside your control. In our ever-growing digital landscape—TikTok, retail media networks, connected TV, programmatic, oh my!—creative messaging only takes a campaign so […]
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