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Answers to Your Google Announcement Questions

Yesterday, Google provided further guidance on their vision for the cookieless future, announcing that they would be focusing their buy-side technology on Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) and not leveraging other identifiers for their programmatic buy-side platform. Google highlighted the importance of first-party data and developing strong, direct consumer relationships – a truth LiveRamp has […]

RampUp 2019 preconference recap: IdentityLink for DSPs, forging new standards, and keep calm and test on

Greetings from RampUp 2019! Here’s a recap of what happened during our preconference that you may have missed: Insight #1: IdentityLink is now available for demand-side platforms (DSPs). Yesterday morning, LiveRamp announced the availability of IdentityLink for Real-Time Bidding, enabling DSPs (demand-side platforms) to receive the access to IdentityLink that supply-side platforms (SSPs) get through […]

AdWeek Webinar Recap: Rewrite Your TV Measurement Strategy

On Dec 8th, AdWeek hosted the webinar, “Rewrite Your TV Measurement Strategy,” featuring Christine Grammier, Managing Director, Strategic Growth at LiveRamp, and Ryan Willson, Principal Analyst, Digital MediaBuying & Analytics at Liberty Mutual.  During the session Christine and Ryan spoke at length about advertisers needing to move beyond traditional TV measurement and embrace new solutions […]

Recap: What’s Hot in TV Measurement—A Conversation with Eli Lilly

In the recent fireside chat, John-Michael del Valle, Head of LiveRamp TV Specialists, was joined by Steven J. Rommeney, Senior Advisor for Eli Lilly, to discuss what’s hot in TV advertising measurement in the ever-changing landscape. After all, TV has evolved into a multi-platform market consisting of linear and digital streams and on-demand offerings—so why […]

Recap: A Kraft Course in Cloud Data Infrastructure and Exceptional Customer Experiences

Data has never been more important for marketers, and CPGs have an even larger hurdle to overcome with limited access to first-party data. This has made it a challenge to understand audiences, make informed decisions, and measure activities and investments. But with rising pressure to personalize the consumer experience as audience behaviors increasingly shift online, […]

How Publishers Are Monetizing Addressable Inventory

On August 4th, LiveRamp and Digiday’s webinar, “How Publishers Are Monetizing Addressable Inventory,” kicked off with the results of the State of the Industry report presented by Jason White, Senior Vice President and Head of Publishers at LiveRamp, and Mindi Chahal, Head of Content at Digiday. Following the survey results, Jason and Mindi were joined […]

Protecting Ad Revenue and Prioritizing Consumer Transparency in Mobile Gaming

Earlier this month, LiveRamp’s Jason White, SVP of Publishers, and Ryan Shute, Mobile App Lead, spoke at White Nights, a leading global B2B event for the game industry. Their session, “Protecting Ad Revenue and Prioritizing Consumer Transparency in Mobile Gaming,” took a deep dive into the challenges app publishers are currently facing and how they […]

A Quick Guide To Data Collaboration and Clean Rooms

Do you ever think to yourself – what is data collaboration? This isn’t an easy question to answer. So where do you start? You might delve into research, but then terms like data clean rooms or interoperability can make understanding data collaboration and its value feel complex and nearly impossible.  LiveRamp’s Kevin Dunn and Alysia […]

Recap: Why Turning on Identity Can Heat Up Your Business

If you’ve been in marketing for a while, you know how challenging it is to achieve what Subhag Oak, SVP of Product at Amobee, called the “five rights” in our recent identity webinar, Why Turning On Identity Can Heat Up Your Business: Right audience. Right message. Right time in the customer journey.  Right channel. Right […]

Create More Value For Your Customers Before and After the Holiday Rush

It’s the busiest time of year and marketers are trying to engage more customers in a low-budget holiday season. Not to mention, you’re putting more irons in the fire planning for next year’s campaigns, and throughout this holiday buzz, there’s one item at the top of your wish list: drive higher revenue. Tactics that increase […]
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