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How to Build the Right Tech Stack for Your Business: Three Brands Share Their Strategies

It’s no secret that tech stacks today are more complex than ever before, and the question of DMP vs. CDP vs. whichever new acronym may come next is an ongoing debate. Yet a decision must be made to take control of your data future. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all tech stack, there are plenty of options […]

Answers to Your Google Announcement Questions

Yesterday, Google provided further guidance on their vision for the cookieless future, announcing that they would be focusing their buy-side technology on Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) and not leveraging other identifiers for their programmatic buy-side platform. Google highlighted the importance of first-party data and developing strong, direct consumer relationships – a truth LiveRamp has […]

LiveRamp’s ATS Drives More Than 340% ROI for Marketers and Adoption is Soaring

Marketers and publishers have embraced LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) as the post-cookie solution of choice. To date, hundreds of publishers, brands, and platforms across the globe, including the U.S., UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, and Japan, have adopted ATS. Enabling hundreds of brand advertising campaigns already in the first quarter of 2021 alone, ATS […]

LiveRamp Partnership Roundup: Beachfront, Beeswax, Nativo, and more

At LiveRamp, our strength is in our partnerships. Not only are we constantly adding new platforms, data sellers, and publishers to our ecosystem, but we’re always deepening and evolving existing relationships to bring you new people-based solutions. That’s why we’re excited to bring you a roundup of our newest partners and new features for our […]

Growth Drivers for Publishers in 2021 with “The Washington Post”

With current and impending challenges facing the industry today, publishers and platforms are taking meaningful steps to help solve identity in a post third-party cookie and IDFA-regulated world.  Jason Tollestrup, VP, Programmatic Strategy and Yield at The Washington Post and Jason White, SVP of Publishers at LiveRamp, recently spoke at the Digiday Publishing Summit on […]

LiveRamp Delivers New Privacy-Centric Integrations with Amazon Ads to Enhance Addressability, Connectivity, and Measurement

New solutions powered by pseudonymous identity and connectivity  SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 12, 2024 – LiveRamp (NYSE: RAMP) today launched enhanced capabilities that help clients optimize addressability, connectivity and measurement across Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) and Amazon DSP. Brand marketers, advertisers, and agencies can now leverage LiveRamp’s integrations with these services to unlock insights and analytics […]

ODSC Recap: Federated SQL and Split Learning 101

We had a wonderful time at ODSC West 2021, sharing ideas with the data scientist community on privacy-enhancing technologies. Here are the sessions we presented: Federated SQL with LiveRamp Safe Haven Businesses and organizations across sectors are increasingly looking to data partnerships to improve business outcomes. This demonstration of forthcoming LiveRamp Safe Haven capabilities shows […]

LiveRamper Spotlight: Meet Luciana Downing, Principal Customer Success Manager

Luciana Downing is Principal Customer Success Manager on our Safe Haven team based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been with us since October 2017, when our agency team was first formed. In her work, she partners with product, sales, and marketing teams to develop program solutions and expand customer revenue growth, ensure […]

[Infographic] Rewriting the Rules of Engagement for a Trusted Ecosystem

Advertising should be built on trusted relationships, and we are more interdependent than ever to make that happen. The present and future of digital advertising needs to be based on building stronger relationships between brands, publishers and individuals. The transformation of the advertising industry cannot happen without the cooperation of everyone.  As the advertising industry […]

A Look Back on Earth Month: Interview with GreenRamp

Last month, we held our first-ever Get Out & Get Green initiative with our newly launched sustainability business resource group, GreenRamp. Get Out & Get Green encouraged LiveRampers to celebrate Earth all month long through “green” activities like gardening, collecting trash, and getting active outside. LiveRampers then posted photos of themselves doing these activities, and […]
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