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Protecting Ad Revenue and Prioritizing Consumer Transparency in Mobile Gaming

  • - LiveRamp
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Earlier this month, LiveRamp’s Jason White, SVP of Publishers, and Ryan Shute, Mobile App Lead, spoke at White Nights, a leading global B2B event for the game industry. Their session, “Protecting Ad Revenue and Prioritizing Consumer Transparency in Mobile Gaming,” took a deep dive into the challenges app publishers are currently facing and how they need to solve them.

19,000+ developers and publishers worldwide will experience revenue impact

Many mobile app publishers who rely heavily on the App Store have unknowingly built their revenue model on a sandcastle (the IDFA), which is about to become unstable and unsustainable. This seismic shift will have far-reaching implications, including the obstruction of mobile app publishers being able to “know” or “see” their end user, as only a small percentage of users are expected to opt in to share their IDFA. With the majority of users suddenly unrecognizable, targeting, suppression, and measurement will be affected. Advertiser interest in in-app advertising will likely wane, and with it, the resources mobile publishers require to reinvest in building new products and acquiring new users. These changes may result in fewer free mobile apps, which could dampen the consumer experience and reduce industry competition.

Mobile app developers, gaming marketers, and mobile operating systems need a neutral, strategic infrastructure that will enable them to maintain and even scale their business, while still upholding consumer privacy standards and respecting guidelines set forth by device makers. While there are some options available to them right now, they are limited, and we must work to change that.

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