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Create More Value For Your Customers Before and After the Holiday Rush

  • - Amanda Freuler
  • 1 min read

It’s the busiest time of year and marketers are trying to engage more customers in a low-budget holiday season. Not to mention, you’re putting more irons in the fire planning for next year’s campaigns, and throughout this holiday buzz, there’s one item at the top of your wish list: drive higher revenue.

Tactics that increase sales now can create greater customer engagement year-round if, and only if, customers see consistent value in your brand experience. In our recent webinar, Five Ways to Drive More Revenue This Holiday Season, Microsoft’s Carissa Allen, Director of Strategy, Industry Engagement, and Content at Microsoft Store, shared a few ways her team uses technology and data-driven marketing to create more value for customers, and in return, drive higher sales. 

Here are a few of her tips with examples on how she’s put them into practice with the Microsoft Stores team:

Understand how your message is resonating with customers and pivot quickly.


Get to know what customer communities value.


Make your brand an experience.


In a world where people readily share their likes, dislikes, and habits, brands need to grow and evolve their customer experience while safely using customer data. Looking for more tips on driving revenue? Watch the webinar here