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Making Data Delicious in the Cloud: How Kraft Heinz Enriched Their First-Party Data

  • - Amanda Freuler
  • 2 min read

ı“If your mission is to make life delicious, how do you use data to deliver on that globally?”

This was the question Kraft Heinz set out to answer—but first, they had to optimize their massive, fragmented data ecosystem. At RampUp 2023, LiveRamp’s annual industry-wide conference, Jason Huertas, Lead Product Manager, Marketing Technology, North America Zone; and Sid Mandati, Group Lead, Data Engineering from Kraft Heinz; shared how they optimized and enriched their first-party data by developing the Kraft-O-Matic, a consumer insights engine, and created new ROI and improved consumer experiences. 

By leveraging tech partners, Google Cloud and LiveRamp’s clean room, to enrich their first-party data, Kraft Heinz used data collaboration to activate paid media campaigns and measure incremental sales lift to understand media effectiveness. Since combining first-, second-, and third-party data in the Kraft-O-Matic, Kraft Heinz has more than doubled their consumer insights in less than two years. So where did this journey begin?

How do you connect 150+ years of data? With the right partners.

Despite having 99% market penetration in the U.S. and owning more than 200 brands as one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world, the Kraft Heinz Company only had email addresses for about 17 million known customers. Through their tech partnership with LiveRamp, Kraft Heinz has enriched and consolidated their first-party data with third-party datasets for a forward-looking marketing strategy—creating a deeper view of what consumers really wanted and needed, more engaging creative campaigns and trackable ROI.

“Now we’re at a place where we’re confident that our first-party data is going to take us forward and then build more relationships with our consumers,” Mandati said. 

Watch this fireside chat from RampUp 2023 to learn how Jason and Sid aligned Internal and tech partners to create the Kraft-O-Matic and solve today’s data challenges, including consolidation, cleansing, and moving beyond cookie deprecation. They deep-dive into:

  • How to apply the cloud and AI to develop an advantage
  • Kraft-O-Matic infrastructure foundations
  • How to enrich first-party data with a future-looking mindset

See the full conversation here. 

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