Webinar Marketing

How to Maximize Impact and Innovation on Pinterest and Snapchat

Ready to supercharge advertising success with two leading platforms?

Discover how partnerships with Pinterest and Snapchat can provide you with the tools and tactics to precisely measure return on ad spend. Get campaign performance results that directly link your marketing activations to business outcomes. 

Watch the “How to Maximize Impact and Innovation on Pinterest and Snapchat” webinar now. You’ll learn how to:

  • Extract campaign performance insights from data collaboration to achieve attribution reporting
  • Demonstrate the value of targeted media buys in driving online and offline conversions in the midst of changes in privacy and tracking limitations
  • Optimize your campaigns using targeted, new audiences and measurement efficiencies

Preeti Farooque

Global Head of Measurement at Pinterest

Jennifer Knuckles

Group Manager, Marketing Science at Snapchat

Scott Baker

Managing Director, Data Collaboration Solutions at LiveRamp