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Identity Services, Powering Marketing Platforms

  • - Paul Turner
  • 4 min read

Identity Services, Powering Marketing Platform Products

Brands are continuing to spend more of their budgets on use cases that leverage all of their offline and online data, advertise to real people across devices, and track their campaign performance across channels accurately and intelligently.  

To bring these use cases to life, brands depend on platforms, which make it all the more imperative for the platforms themselves to have best-of-breed technology. And when it comes to implementing identity, LiveRamp’s identity services are here to help.

LiveRamp provides four leading identity services:

  1. Onboarding to connect offline and online data
  2. Cross-device resolution to accurately connect disparate devices to real people
  3. Platform integrations to quickly and easily move data around the ecosystem
  4. Third-party data to scale campaigns and provide easy access and scale

By using LiveRamp’s leading identity services—ready to go, out of the box—platforms can focus on bringing new, innovative products to market and accessing new revenue streams.

Challenge: incorporating offline data in a privacy-conscious manner

LiveRamp Identity Service: Data Onboarding

One of our platform partners had the team and technology to provide great analytics and insights, but they were missing a fundamental data source: offline data. Brands wanted their offline transactions and CRM segments to factor into the measurement they were doing with Google Store sales and Facebook offline conversions.

And they needed to be sure it would respect privacy laws and regulations.

This platform (a leader in measurement and insights) came to LiveRamp to help power their new offline-to-online offering. Instead of investing their own time and resources to build and maintain data onboarding technology (not to mention hiring legal experts to vet the whole thing), they simply plugged into LiveRamp’s onboarding service and immediately gained industry-leading match rates, accuracy, and privacy compliance.

They took what they were good at—analytics and insights—combined it with LiveRamp’s data activation and onboarding identity services, and quickly took a (now leading) measurement package to market.

Challenge: improving the intelligence and scale of device-based solutions

LiveRamp Identity Service: Cross-Device Resolution

A tag manager had been providing personalization and targeting insights for years, but their offering was significantly hampered by the fact that they couldn’t resolve separate devices to real people. This was a deal-breaker for large brands with massive amounts of unauthenticated device traffic.

To solve this issue, they deployed LiveRamp’s cross-device resolution service, enabling them to build an identity graph to recognize people across their devices even when not logged in. If a user browsed on their computer and then on their phone, LiveRamp’s cross-device identity services could deterministically resolve each device to the same person. This provided the platform with:

  • A higher number of actionable impressions (and more revenue)
  • The ability to store more data over time, recognizing a person’s new cookies and phones
  • Much more intelligent decisioning, with long term, cross-device data
  • A new, compelling product for large brands

Challenge: accessing an entire ecosystem of tech platforms to launch new products

LiveRamp Identity Service: Platform Integrations

One social platform had tons of user data, but their advertising products were just getting started. They knew they needed to get brand data into their environment and collaborate with others in the adtech ecosystem to build a compelling offering, but their engineering resources were focused on building, maintaining, and optimizing their popular consumer-facing platform.

In a matter of weeks after engaging with LiveRamp, they had access to major digital marketing platforms and the identity services necessary to build compelling ad products. They easily brought their brand customers’ offline data into their platform, sent data to any platform their customers were working with, and matched any type of identifier for their own advertising products.

Their customers were happy, and the added synergy with others in the ecosystem brought in new prospects, too.

Challenge: buying and selling third-party data with ease

Identity Service: Third-Party Data

An extremely popular website was sitting on a mountain of consumer data. They knew their data could provide a lot of value to brands and platforms, but they had no easy way to reach these buyers at scale.

Instead of investing heavily to build the necessary relationships and technology for data monetization, the publisher monetized their data in the Data Marketplace, immediately making it available to the entire industry. Through one relationship with LiveRamp, the publishing platform accessed a marketplace with thousands of leading brands, platforms, and agencies.

Even better, their device-based data was now compatible with cross-device, people-based use cases. They got access to more buyers and their buyers got better, more addressable data sets.

Learn more about LiveRamp’s identity foundation and reach out to us if you have any questions or want to get started today.