• identity resolution

Identity Resolution

Create the most relevant customer view for your marketing and analytics teams with a safe and secure set of identity solutions that work individually or in tandem with existing technology.

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Improve access ingest and unify data

Improve access, ingest and unify data

A first-party data strategy is critical. Bring in data from across identity spaces to develop and maintain the best possible view of your customers with both stored and derived attributes.

  • Safely reconcile data from any source
  • Consolidate data to improve analytics and measurement
  • Improve downstream performance while staying in control of customer identity processes
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Resolve data to the user or household level

Identity is inconsistently represented across data sources. Resolve identity to enable the delivery of more personalized and meaningful customer experiences at every interaction point.

  • LiveRamp

    manages the largest deterministic graph on the open internet on par with the largest deterministic closed internet ecosystems.

  • 250million+

    consumers represented in the U.S. and many more worldwide

Connect data to a first-party identity graph

Complement existing technology investments by resolving disparate identities and enrich data sets to improve translation data between systems, even across owned and operated platforms.


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Create audiences with first-party data

Use first-party data to create and reach high-value, addressable audiences across the ecosystem and improve performance inside and out of walled gardens.

  • Build a sustainable marketing engine unreliant on third-party cookies
  • Identify and model new audiences more effectively with unified data
  • Activate data directly with publishers, platforms or reach audiences programmatically

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LiveRamp helps us to connect with partners that don't have their own identity spine, helps us connect with media partners as well as clients who don't have that identity spine, and it creates a nice safe space for us to transact with all of our partners.
Laura McElhinney, Chief Data Officer
Horizon Media
We instantly were able to do title-level segmentation, which is something that's never been really possible.
Andrew Kelley, VP, Global Data Strategy & Transformation
Universal Pictures

Solutions built for your needs


Improve your identity infrastructure and data strategy by connecting offline and online views of the customer. Continuously evolve how your data is used to execute more efficient and effective campaigns on our platform.

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Data Analytics

Manage customer identity by consolidating records and enriching the view of the customer for audience modeling and business intelligence.

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Information Security

LiveRamp’s platform is built with privacy and security in mind, and is used by global teams with the assurance that use cases enabled by LiveRamp are compliant with all major privacy legislation.

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Privacy & Legal

LiveRamp maintains high standards of consumer privacy and security with technology that translates customer signals of PII into tokens or pseudonymous identifiers that can be used safely across the marketing ecosystem.

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Work within any environment to build a comprehensive identity solution by incorporating identity APIs into new or existing products in a more self-service manner to suit your business needs.

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