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Getting Past the Headlines: What’s Next for Identity

  • - LiveRamp
  • 1 min read

On October 20th, Ian Meyers, Head of Addressability Product at LiveRamp, presented “Getting Past the Headlines: What’s Next for Identity, Ad Measurement, and Addressable Audiences,” as part of eMarketer’s Tech-Talk series.

During Ian’s presentation, he reviewed how broken consumer trust, increasing privacy regulations, and the end of common identifiers have led the advertising ecosystem to reevaluate what needs to come next. Especially given that when previous methods disappear, the following will break for marketers, resulting in less effective consumer engagements and reduced ROI:

  • Audience activation and retargeting
  • Frequency capping and suppression
  • Media attribution
  • Audience insights and segmentation
  • Personalization

So what comes next for identity? There are currently at least four types of identity solutions in play: hashed emails, fingerprinting, universal device identifiers, and encrypted identifiers. During the webinar, Ian defined and reviewed each, providing the pros and cons of why some are better than others for reach, measurement, accuracy, privacy, and security. He also explained how LiveRamp Authenticated Identity Infrastructure works.

Before concluding the presentation, Ian offered attendees advice on shopping for an addressability partner and best practices for getting started transacting without third-party cookies.

Catch the replay now, and if you have any questions, reach out to [email protected]