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New Data Reinforces LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution Opportunity for Publishers with RampID Impressions Having an Average 45% CPM

  • - Travis Clinger
  • 2 min read

On the heels of Chrome deprecating 1% of third-party cookies, some publishers may be starting their cookieless journey, or re-evaluating their current adtech stack. LiveRamp is leading the way towards the final step of this journey, and our cookieless identity infrastructure, including LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution, has been years in the making, is scaled with publishers, and in wide use among our customers.

As the ecosystem takes the next steps towards finally saying goodbye to the third-party cookie, companies must choose solutions that the industry has proven to be sustainable and valuable. LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution unlocks improved monetization for publishers by enabling addressability for marketers, helping them to connect and leverage their first-party data.

Cookieless isn’t the future: it’s right now

Even before Chrome’s 1% deprecation, 50% of the internet already had no cookies across Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Cookieless is already here, yet publishers that are still taking a “wait-and-see” approach are forgoing immediate gains.

Authenticated audiences are critical for connecting with customers wherever they are spending time, anywhere in the world, and delivering the personalized experiences that consumers value. Authenticated audiences work everywhere it matters – across browsers, mobile devices, social platforms, and CTV, enabling marketing to real people.

Making the switch to cookieless solutions like LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution today can lead to immediate benefits – not just in cookieless browsers, but also including mobile in-app and CTV – driving improved monetization, better reach, and stronger ROAS now.

The data speaks for itself

In a study of publishers using LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution, conducted via Prebid, we found that the Authenticated Traffic Solution enables stronger monetization for all publishers, including particularly strong results in cookieless browsers:

  • RampID inventory enables better publisher monetization. In H2 2023, across all inventory types, CPMs for RampID inventory were, on average, more than 45% higher than non-RampID inventory.
  • While RampID inventory boosts monetization in every browser, it helps monetization in cookieless browsers the most. While RampID inventory has, on average, 16% higher CPMs over non-RampID inventory in Chrome, in a cookieless browser like Safari, RampID inventory has, on average, 21% higher CPMs.

The Authenticated Traffic Solution is interoperable, enabling every high-quality identifier the ecosystem needs, and also connects with LiveRamp’s premier global ecosystem of partners.

Don’t delay

Making the switch to a cookieless solution today enables testing and benchmarking with and without third-party cookies, giving you a better sense of what to expect once third-party cookies are fully deprecated. Further, LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution empowers the ecosystem to use second-party data generated through data collaboration, including retail media networks, which will be critical to powering the next phase of post third-party signal growth.

As the effects of 1% Chrome deprecation of third-party cookies become more apparent, we’ll continue to share more, to help you make the right choice and select a solution that’s sustainable and valuable. To learn more about LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution, reach out to [email protected] today.

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