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Marketing, Advertising, and Cloud Converge: Behind the LiveRamp, Braze, and Snowflake Collaboration

  • - Alex Hamilton
  • 3 min read

The marketing and advertising landscape is undergoing a seismic shift. With the deprecation of third-party cookies and a growing emphasis on data privacy, brands are facing unprecedented challenges, while also being presented with an incredible opportunity to break free of data silos in pursuit of the north star of unifying the consumer journey.

Wakefield Research, in partnership with LiveRamp, recently studied this critical juncture: 90% of executives acknowledge that their organizations have invested heavily in data collection, yet lack the tools to truly utilize it.

In the same report, 97% of marketers reported struggling to accurately gauge marketing impact, hindering efforts to optimize campaigns, achieve holistic measurement, and maximize return on ad spend (ROAS).

As marketers look for new solutions to sustain data-driven marketing and power outcomes that drive the business, they can leverage synergies between LiveRamp, Snowflake, and Braze to better understand their customers and optimize their strategies to match.

A Symphony of Platforms for Unified Customer Insights

Leveraging these powerful tools in conjunction with one another can unlock deeper insights into customers than ever before.

LiveRamp’s durable, privacy-centric identifier, RampID, offers a foundation for marketers to continue driving data-driven marketing in the face of signal loss. By safely connecting more data across the ecosystem, RampID helps marketers engage in people-based marketing in place of deprecating signals like third-party cookies. Marketers can improve activation and connectivity across every channel where their audiences are spending time, ensure accurate measurement, and leverage LiveRamp’s premier global ecosystem.

Marketers working in Snowflake’s AI Data Cloud for Media can take advantage of LiveRamp’s integration to leverage RampID for quicker, more effective marketing, without ever leaving their Snowflake environment, reducing consumer data privacy concerns by supporting analytic operations on records.

LiveRamp’s integration with the Braze Customer Engagement Platform enables marketers to then close the loop with insights into customer interactions in SMS, email, and messaging events, enabling a holistic view of the customer journey. Marketers can better understand each customer’s unique touchpoints, and use these insights to refine their strategies and reactivate across LiveRamp’s premier global ecosystem of 900 partners.

Through seamless integration, these platforms unlock a treasure trove of actionable insights:

  • Consistency in segmentation: Marketers can use the same taxonomy across both their adtech and martech activations, ensuring uniform cross-channel segmentation for streamlined, accurate campaigns.
  • Precision audience targeting: Marketers can benefit from superior segmentation, testing, and activation from their Snowflake environment, leveraging LiveRamp and Braze’s enhanced connectivity.
  • Data-driven optimization and measurement: Data-driven marketing, in conjunction with the person-level insight of LiveRamp’s authenticated ecosystem, enables accurate attribution of conversions across channels – including bridging media and owned channels, helping marketers to optimize campaigns and drive real business outcomes.
  • Enhanced data privacy: The security and controls enabled by RampID, in conjunction with Snowflake’s Secure Data Sharing, minimize data movement and prioritize customer privacy.

“Our focus is on maximizing marketer insights and outcomes as well as enablement of marketing solutions via the Snowflake AI Data Cloud,” said David Wells, Media, Entertainment, and Advertising Industry Principal at Snowflake. “Marketers work with LiveRamp and Braze in Snowflake to drive more performant campaigns all while minimizing data movement and maximizing privacy.”

“While personalizing, as well as measuring, every customer touchpoint becomes critical for marketers, LiveRamp is critical for creating an omnichannel, unified view of every customer’s journey,” said Dave Goldstein, VP, Ecosystem Growth at Braze. “Layered with the Braze platform’s insights, marketers now gain unprecedented insight into the customer journey via martech touchpoints as well, enabling them to activate first-party data, and derive better insights, across their paid and owned channels.”

The Future of Marketing is Collaborative

As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, the ability to leverage data more effectively and in a privacy-conscious way will be the cornerstone of marketing success. The LiveRamp, Braze, and Snowflake partnership delivers benefits for marketers focused on overcoming today’s challenges with data-driven marketing strategies that resonate with customers.

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