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How LiveRamp Can Help Amidst Oracle’s Advertising Exit

  • - LiveRamp
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LiveRamp bridges the gap as Oracle exits advertising.

As Oracle prepares to exit the advertising business at the end of September, brands, agencies, publishers, and data providers that have relied on their services must seek alternatives to ensure business continuity. LiveRamp is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap left by Oracle’s departure, by offering a comprehensive suite of solutions to fit the needs of both new and existing customers.

LiveRamp Solutions for Oracle’s Discontinued Services

Data Append, Data Enrichment & Optimization -> LiveRamp Data Enrichment services

Details: LiveRamp enhances customer profiles by appending additional data attributes helping businesses optimize their audience targeting and personalization strategies.

Digital Audiences ->  LiveRamp Data Marketplace

Details: The LiveRamp Data Marketplace offers access to a vast array of third-party data providers. It enables companies to enhance their audience targeting by integrating diverse data sources into their marketing strategies, as well as provides data providers access to our robust list of tech destinations.

Cross-Device Services -> LiveRamp Identity Services

Details: Powered by RampID, the most durable and privacy-centric identifier, enables marketers to engage with consumers across devices throughout the entire digital ecosystem at the person or household level.

Marketing Cloud Data Management Platform -> LiveRamp Customer Profiles, LiveRamp Clean Room

Details: Customer Profiles provides a secure environment for data collaboration and management.  Additionally, LiveRamp’s Clean Room powered by Habu supports secure and scalable collaboration among partners. It enables collaborators to retain control over their data while offering customizable measurement capabilities.  

As the industry adjusts to Oracle’s exit, we understand the importance of maintaining continuity in your data strategies.  We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition, should you need to migrate your services, making the process as seamless as possible.  For audience requests, please contact [email protected].  All other requests should be directed to [email protected].