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B2B marketers: the struggle is over. LiveRamp B2B empowers B2B marketers to target decision makers on a single account, as well as personalize and measure with people-based capabilities at the account level. Activate your first-party data, access global third-party audiences, and measure your marketing initiatives.

Reach Those Who Matter Most and Measure the Results


Harness the power of your own data

Your data is valuable, but not when it’s siloed in your CRM system and fragmented databases. LiveRamp B2B enables you to activate your first-party data across hundreds of channels in a privacy-conscious manner. Harness the power of your customer data for targeting, personalization, measurement, and analytics,  all on a one-to-one or an account-based level.

B2B Onboarding



Extend your reach globally

Global third-party audiences enable you to reach the audiences you care most about and are available from top B2B data providers in global markets. Audiences are available as syndicated segments or custom audiences and include professional, firmographic, technographic, B2B Intent, and account-based marketing (ABM) audiences.

B2B Global Audiences

Measure your marketing initiatives

Understand how your marketing initiatives are driving impact for full visibility into how a company is interacting with your campaigns, website, and collateral, across channels. Derive the insights you need at the professional and account level to refine and optimize your marketing strategies and tactics.

Marketing Measurement

Data ethics is in our DNA

Our LiveRamp Safe Haven® environment with technical, operational, and personnel controls is designed to ensure ethical use of data. We maintain an industry-leading approach to privacy and data ethics, utilizing a process for anonymization that includes in-memory processing, proprietary hashing algorithms, and line reordering. Anonymized ID files cannot be joined to the original for reverse-engineering.

Security & Privacy

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