The Transformation of the TV Ecosystem

Have you ever wanted to make every ad impression addressable and accountable? You can—with our TV platform and identity solution that unifies and powers your cross-screen activation, measurement, and data collaboration strategies.

Meet LiveRamp TV

Forecast, Activate, Quantify, and Collaborate Across All TV Inventory Types


Collaborative analytics and measurement

Safely connect cross-screen data to accurately measure ROI through reach and frequency, closed-loop measurement, collaborative analytics, plus other advanced applications. LiveRamp TV enables many-to-many collaborations with tailorable controls to keep data safe and secure.


Activate across linear, streaming, and digital video

Finally, managing activation across screens is not only possible, it’s efficient. Unlock custom, cross-screen audiences and forecasting—including CTV—as part of every addressable buy, whether purchased in the Upfront or programmatically.


Prove the value of your cross-screen TV media

Measure online and offline business outcomes, including product sales, application installs, and web visits. This means every advertising dollar spent is accountable to business outcomes, giving you the flexibility to entertain new TV currencies powered by dynamic metrics


Privacy-first, sustainable identity

Our platform’s activation, measurement, and collaboration capabilities are powered by RampID, ensuring that every touch point is privacy-first, secure, sustainable, and scalable. LiveRamp is working to power all of the leading cross-screen, impression-based currencies with interoperable identity and data collaboration, safely and securely bringing together required buyer and seller data sets.

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Data Monetization

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