ThirdLove Pinpoints Incremental Value With Cross-Screen Measurement

Rapidly growing direct-to-consumer brand partners with LiveRamp to demonstrate impact and drive growth with a winning mix of TV and digital media

60 % incremental lift in search conversions
71 % site visit rates via search
66 % Fit Finder completion rates


Company Size

200 employees

Use Cases

measurement, media optimization, TV advertising 

60 % incremental lift in search conversions
71 % site visit rates via search
66 % Fit Finder completion rates

The Challenge

ThirdLove, a high-growth, direct-to-consumer women’s lifestyle brand, wanted to run television advertising to build brand awareness and attract new customers. The ThirdLove team had already established a strong foundation in digital advertising; but to justify investment in a new channel, they needed to be able to measure TV’s impact with precision—from site visits through purchase. They knew that TV has historically been an especially difficult channel to measure, and to connect TV ad viewers with their actions across channels would be impossible without a powerful analytics solution.

The Solution

ThirdLove partnered with LiveRamp to measure whether TV investment during their holiday campaign was truly driving incremental site traffic and sales. LiveRamp’s robust capabilities in cross-screen measurement and analytics were exactly what ThirdLove needed to access holistic performance data across its media portfolio. The ThirdLove team was able to pinpoint the incremental value of the new advertising and use the insights to inform their advertising strategy going forward.

With this data, we were able to make the case for increased investment in TV in our media plans. We really started to understand the value of premium TV networks and placements because we saw them drive impact.

Megan Seman Senior Growth Marketing Manager / ThirdLove

The Results

By linking exposure to ThirdLove’s ads to viewers’ subsequent actions across screens and platforms, LiveRamp unlocked data that went far beyond traditional TV insights. ThirdLove could clearly see results by each specific goal they had set for the campaign, and quantify with precision the incremental value that the TV ads drove for their business. 

As they dove into the treasure trove of data, one of the illuminating discoveries for the ThirdLove team was the impact of their TV investment on search and social traffic. The TV ads drove a 60% lift in search conversions. What’s more, over 20% of the conversions that had previously been attributed only to search were actually a result of exposure to TV first.

LiveRamp’s integrated solution made it easy for ThirdLove to see how its target audience came from TV ads to interact with its website. The team was excited to be able to see how many TV viewers took the Fit Finder quiz—the ads drove an impressive 66% increase in the quiz completion rate. The Fit Finder quiz, which has evolved into the Fitting Room, helps online customers find the best fit in curated bra and underwear options. It is a core brand experience, showing off ThirdLove’s fun and friendly approach to a perfect fit and engaging customers in an important step toward purchase. The data was an important validation that the TV ads were reaching the right customers. 

ThirdLove’s collaboration with LiveRamp not only justified the investment they made in their holiday campaign but provided valuable information for future planning and how to most strategically incorporate TV advertising into their marketing mix over the long term. As the ThirdLove marketing team ventured more confidently into this new channel, they were also armed with a wealth of specific insights, including campaign performance by network, ad creative, and daypart, to inform future creative and media strategy—making their TV investment even more powerful. By teaming up, LiveRamp and ThirdLove were able to measure true impact and unlock new opportunities for this fast-growing brand to build awareness and drive business results.

What’s next?

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