Optimize Marketing ROI with Better Data and Sharper Insights

Safe Haven enables you to easily and securely collaborate with business partners and boost your measurement capabilities. Now you can close the loop by tying together event-level conversion and exposure data to accurately measure the real impact of your media.

Solution Overview

The more your business grows, the more online and offline destinations consumers have to interact with you and buy. 

Safe Haven analytics and reporting tools enable you to optimize your marketing ROI across audiences and channels. By connecting data with your trusted partners in a privacy-conscious manner, you can enhance your single view of the customer.


Establish micro-segments

Through Safe Haven’s secure, collaborative environment, you can work with partners and tie online audience data with offline point-of-sale data, all while maintaining full management and ownership of your data. With Safe Haven, your data is never copied or moved.


Test and learn

Measure the effectiveness of a digital campaign across targeted audience segments and business locations by creating tests to determine the highest rate of engagement and conversion by channel, product, audience, and location. With Safe Haven’s big data architecture, no data set is too big, no problem too large to conquer.


Optimize business outcomes

Safe Haven’s turnkey reports and visual dashboards spotlight insights and opportunities your team can understand and act upon. You can now activate campaigns at the store level or use logistic regression to optimize your media mix.

Safe Haven Overview

Advanced Insights

Want to sharpen your measurement strategy through data partnerships?