5 Step Guide to Building a Winning Retail Media Network

Ready to set your brand apart with a media network that inspires business innovation and growth? With one in five ad dollars put towards media network spend, marketers believe media networks are the most important advertising strategy. Now is the time to build on this momentum and deliver your media network’s unique value to partners and consumers. 

Brands across industries can reap the benefits of launching a media network, from deepening relationships with suppliers to establishing new, high-margin revenue streams. So, how can you make your media network stand out? 

Whether your media network is evolving or just starting out, this ebook explores five best practices for building a media network that delivers differentiated value to partners, advertisers, platforms, the industry, and most importantly, your customers.

Download it now to learn how to:

  • Define your media network’s vision and value
  • Build a solid foundation for your media network grounded in privacy
  • Find the right talent, tech, and partners for your media network and brand
  • Look for customer-first opportunities to fuel the growth flywheel
  • Keep pushing innovation—test, learn, iterate, and scale