Build Accurate Audience Segments

Quickly build accurate, deduplicated audience segments and activate across LiveRamp’s 500+ partner destinations easily and securely.

Reach the Consumers You Actually Want

Effective marketing relies on a definitive single view of the consumer, which is difficult to achieve alone. Safe Haven leverages your partnership network to enrich audiences beyond your own business’s understanding, enabling you to reach new consumers, deepen existing relationships, and increase success across metrics, from awareness to conversion.


Establish micro-segments

Drive better customer experience at scale by creating micro-segments of high-value audiences that matter to your business. Easily and securely bring together partner data, POS data, and your own CRM to establish specific segments of customers likely to engage with your brand or purchase your product.


Create sophisticated tests

Discovering the real impact of your promotions on revenue and loyalty requires understanding the customer journey pre- and post-purchase. Safe Haven enables you to develop richer hypotheses by augmenting your customer view with your partner’s understanding of the same key segments. Now you can test promotions by channel, measure effectiveness, and establish price elasticity for each audience segment.


Sharpen media strategies with predictive analytics

Use Safe Haven’s machine-learning and big-data queries to unlock fresh insights that can help you make smarter media buys and identify creative that can help you maximize ROI.

Safe Haven Overview

Controlled Activation

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