Safe Haven:
Trust Infrastructure for a New Era

  • Configurable collaboration

  • Privacy-conscious connectivity

  • Continuous control of data

  • Ecosystem actionability

We’ve entered a new era for data—

With consumer preferences changing …
Regulations rising …
Big tech eliminating access …
Data owners increasing protections …

Intelligence about the customer is becoming scarce.

A new data strategy is needed.

Safe Haven: Neutral Infrastructure for Boundaryless Customer Intelligence.

Build and act on your consumer understanding

From nested Booleans to machine learning, from publisher audiences to custom co-marketing segments, Safe Haven can add more to your customer understanding—more data sources, more lookalikes, more analytic packages and more opportunities to grow and activate your audiences across hundreds of pre-qualified partners.

Illuminate the full customer journey

You can’t understand the customer journey without getting outside of your four walls. Safe Haven lets you finally close the loop, measure impact and incrementality, and learn from real journey analytics thanks to expanded data access to business partners and suppliers who share the same customers as your core business.

Create clean partnerships

Every business partnership is unique, with different levels of trust and different goals for collaboration. Safe Haven’s flexible trust management configures just the right types of expanded data access for each of your partners, driving faster results to be quickly shared between your analysts, media teams, and decision-makers.

Tools that power innovation

Safe Haven enhances your existing marketing technology stack, bringing powerful new addressability options, audience insights, analytic visualizations, predictive modeling, data science tooling, configurable data security, and clean room capabilities.

What can I do with Safe Haven?


Cookies are disappearing, and you need a new marketing foundation to build upon for the next decade. Safe Haven preserves your audience data investment and creates powerful collaborative opportunities to safely and securely grow a more accurate, dynamic view of your customers.

Controlled activation

Safe Haven maximizes the value of your marketing data. With 500+ turnkey integrations, you can connect with the best services to deepen your audience understanding, access new measurement reports, or begin a collaborative partnership to develop new predictive models or micro-segments.


Stop justifying marketing with impressions and clicks and talk to the rest of the C-suite with measurement that matters: incrementality, closed-loop measurement, journey analytics, revenue impact, and more. Bring together event-level conversion and exposure data to measure the business impact of everything you do.

Advanced insights

Find new market opportunities, more effective audience strategies, and safely unify diverse data sources to create a complete view of your customer for modeling, analytics, and activation.

Unlock the insights that build brand loyalty

Safe Haven is not a one-size-fits-all solution—it can be tailored for your own needs as well as the needs of your internal collaborators, existing partners, and those you work with in the future.


Powerful for your team

Data-driven decisions are not just for marketers. We designed Safe Haven as a business-wide solution for rich collaboration throughout all teams. When everyone at your company has access to the same data and tools, amazing things can happen.


Flexible for your partners

Safe Haven supports many styles of collaboration so you can work with partners more openly or more discreetly, all while being assured of safety from data leakage and exposure.


Neutral for everyone

As with all LiveRamp solutions, Safe Haven is neutral. This means we are able to work with all companies that share a commitment to data ethics. In addition, we collaborate with customers to add the platforms, data providers, and agencies that they use or would like to work with to provide open, flexible, and secure solutions for all.

Safe Haven is the biggest breakthrough in precision consumer engagement I've seen in years.
Jeff Jarrett, Bayer Consumer Health CMO, N.A.

Safe Haven product pillars

When we created Safe Haven, we defined core tenets to guide every decision. Explore these principles to understand our approach for building the easiest, the most powerful, and the most flexible infrastructure for your new data strategy.
  • You control your data

    Preserving the value of your data is vital, and Safe Haven keeps you in full control. Your data is never copied. You specify the appropriate access and tool privileges for each of your own teams, and partners are engaged in the specific type of collaborative environment you want to create, configuring trust and maximizing data utility to accelerate your results.

  • Verified Security

    There is no privacy without security, and Safe Haven is built on top of a secured modern cloud architecture. From authentication to responsive notification, from encryption to proactive audits, we cover the gamut of capabilities needed to trust a new software solution. But don’t just take our word for it—LiveRamp technologies have been certified by some of the world’s top brands for their most important global data processes.

  • Foundationally neutral

    You aren’t looking for bias in your solutions, and you won’t find it with Safe Haven. LiveRamp is not influenced by media investment, channel activation, or technology provider. LiveRamp was founded on industry neutrality, which has enabled us to enforce high standards in our partnerships to ensure our clients are working in an ecosystem based on consumer protection and data security.

  • Consumer privacy

    Your consumers expect you to be worthy of their trust and to protect their data. Safe Haven removes PII, prevents re-identification, and has full workflows to support regulated processes such as consumer Opt Outs and Subject Access Requests. Our audits, policies, and privacy-by-design engineering foundation ensure that Safe Haven keeps your brand and your customers protected.

  • Omnichannel addressability

    Your data in Safe Haven becomes even more useful with the ability to access hundreds of partner destinations across all of your preferred marketing channels. From publishers to media partners, from agencies to data providers, Safe Haven is connected to the right opportunities to take your marketing to the next level.

  • Insight-to-action

    Insights can make a real difference to your business. Safe Haven analysts can turn insights into marketable segments and interactive dashboards, aligning your entire team of marketers, analysts, and decision makers to act with more speed and better coordination.

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