LiveRamp Safe Haven

Data is your strategic asset, but you can’t achieve a single view of the customer alone. Move beyond clean rooms and DMPs with LiveRamp Safe Haven—your neutral and privacy-safe solution that unlocks value by fully connecting your own data with unique insights from your significant data partnerships.


Built-In Privacy Controls for Data Owners

By facilitating data access on set terms, LiveRamp Safe Haven helps data owners maximize value by breaking down internal and external silos in a privacy-first and secure environment. Safe Haven’s built-in privacy controls include provisions for data availability, user access, and appropriate usage rights, allowing data owners to retain full control of their assets.


Drive Collaboration across Your Teams

Safe Haven offers powerful applications for both marketers and data scientists, accelerating the time from insight to action. Reports, dashboards, and synthesized audience segments flow seamlessly to their intended recipients, giving teams the information they need to work together and achieve business goals.


Reach the Consumers You Actually Want

To meet the continual and complex challenge of reaching the right audience, and not overspend in the process, Safe Haven enables marketers to access more data and segment according to campaign strategies to drive better customer experiences at scale. Easily build accurate, deduplicated audience segments and activate across LiveRamp’s 500+ partner destinations securely and safely.


Harness the Power of Your Partner Ecosystem

It can be challenging to create value from your first-party data in a secure manner. LiveRamp’s Safe Haven is an innovative privacy-first way to gain a stronger understanding of your audiences, while also developing a new revenue stream by collaborating with trusted partners and clients. Leverage a neutral data foundation with granular controls to administer appropriate levels of access and provide new value to your partners.

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