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Consumers are aware of online and data privacy more than ever. Build user trust and transparency while enabling compliance with the ePrivacy Directive, GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection and privacy laws and regulations with LiveRamp Privacy Manager.

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CCPA and GDPR Compliance

Enable compliant and auditable data collection

Privacy Manager enables privacy-compliant and auditable data collection via a just-in-time notice on first interaction with unrecognized users. It also enables digital property owners to maintain full control over on-page/in-app vendors, with built-in conditional firing capabilities to respect an individual’s consent and preference choices. With Privacy Manager it’s easy to demonstrate compliance with our easy-to-use audit log, which enables users to filter queries by data and/or sites and apps within a self-service interface.

Create a seamless brand experience

CMPs act as gateways to your site and are one of the first digital touch points for an individual. Customize your CMP’s theme to create a seamless brand experience and go one step further and edit the copy to reflect your tone and voice. You can take full control by building your own consumer-facing UI while leveraging our back-end libraries.

Manage and transmit consent throughout your tech stack

Privacy Manager facilitates interoperability across tech stacks by allowing users to collect, manage, and transmit consumer preferences and consent choices in accordance with the CCPA and GDPR. Our support for the IAB’s Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) v2.0 and CCPA Compliance frameworks also enable streamlined consent transmission for all participating vendors. Additionally, by integrating Privacy Manager’s Audit ID to proprietary or partner IDs, privacy preferences can easily be recorded and shared as needed with partners that aren’t on-page.

Deploy without distracting from your content

Privacy Manager allows for flexible deployment strategies. The notice may be displayed at the top, bottom, center, or any corner of a webpage. It’s easy to resurface it via a hyperlink or through our standard consent toggle. We also provide various implementation options: utilize our IAB CMP ID for the quickest start, register your own to enable more control, or choose to go without TCF v2.0 for complete freedom over the CMP.

Privacy Manager For GDPR and CCPA


A consent management platform (CMP) that enables GDPR compliance, supporting the IAB TCF v2.0

  • Full history and audit trail hosted by LiveRamp or by you
  • Predefined text and CMP design
  • Customizable CMP position (top/bottom/center/corner)
  • Consent string passed to third parties
  • Built-in conditional firing capabilities
  • Web and native app support
  • Cross-domain support
  • Custom CMP templates
  • Customizable look and feel
  • Custom language support
  • Dynamically show the applicable notice in the relevant region
  • Option to remove LiveRamp branding


A privacy preference management platform that enables compliance with CCPA

  • Full history and audit trail hosted by LiveRamp or by you
  • Predefined text and design
  • Customizable position (top/bottom/center/corner)
  • Web support
  • Support for headless implementation
  • Customizable templates
  • California-only geo-targeting
  • Customizable look and feel

Implement LiveRamp Privacy Manager in three simple steps

Step 1: Customize
Select from a default template or customize the look and feel in the Privacy Manager platform. Choose your vendors and purposes that will appear in the platform.

Step 2: Implement
Implement the scripts generated in LiveRamp Privacy Manager across your online assets. You can also easily configure the script for regional compliant needs.

Step 3: Go Live
Start collecting consumer preferences in a compliant manner and enjoy the benefits that come with it, including peace of mind and actionable data sets.

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Privacy Manager has been an efficient solution for all of our consent privacy concerns. Their portal is very straightforward, user friendly, and their Support Team made the process seamless. We also greatly appreciate they keep us in the loop with regard to all the latest TCF updates.
Julian Aijal, Technical SEO Manager
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