Identity Resolution: Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS)

Maximize Programmatic Ad Revenue

As cookies become less effective as an identifier for inventory across paid channels, it is increasingly difficult for publishers to maximize programmatic ad revenue. With the Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), you can recognize known users to enable data-driven targeting and increase the value of your inventory.

Monetize Cookieless Inventory

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Increase your eCPMs
Site monetization has become increasingly challenging to maintain in the face of third-party cookie restrictions. ATS can help you recognize known users on site in real time to enable data-informed targeting and increase the value of your inventory. By doing so, you’ll be able to unlock new revenue streams with enhanced direct, PMP, and open-marketplace targeting on identity-enriched ad inventory.

Maximize Addressability

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Earn More from Your Advertising
As cookies become less accessible, your ability to identify visitors and deliver relevant experiences becomes more difficult. ATS provides authenticated identity on browser traffic to expand demand to previously unaddressable audiences. We’ve partnered with leading exchanges to enable this solution through Prebid.js and header bidding solutions.


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