Onboarding and Activation: Addressable TV

Addressable TV Advertising

Addressable TV isn’t just another marketing buzzword. Auto, retail, CPG, travel, and financial marketers are all increasing their addressable TV investments to precisely target households, build awareness, and drive business outcomes. If you haven’t launched an addressable TV advertising campaign yet, now is the time.

TV Audience Segmentation

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Use your own first-party data for TV advertising
Your first-party data is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. Addressable TV advertising gives you the opportunity to go beyond basic demographics and put your first-party data to work. Every TV impression is served to your target audience without fraud or viewability issues

Trusted Third-Party Data Sources

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A one-stop shop for the audience enrichment you need
Tap into the power of third-party data with LiveRamp’s data marketplace. Enrich your own first- party data or create customized audiences by adding segments from high-quality data providers, many of which are exclusive to our data marketplace. Our trusted platform seamlessly connects your audience data across the addressable TV ecosystem, making it safe and easy to launch advertising campaigns.

Accurate TV Campaign Measurement

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Quantify the impact of your TV ad dollars
As addressable TV ads are delivered to households, you can more easily measure their business impact. Get a detailed report of your ad’s reach and frequency and tie that to conversions to understand lift driven through your addressable campaigns.



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