Measurement: Addressable TV powered by D+M

Measure Your TV Channel

Marketers are demanding the same measurability from TV as digital. We heard you. LiveRamp allows you to gain an accurate and comprehensive view of your return on TV ad spend to understand how TV fits into the consumer journey, test creative, optimize future ad spend, and attribute accurately—all in a privacy-conscious manner. 


TV, Targeted

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LiveRamp powers targeting in the TV ecosystem

Household Addressable TV brings more targetability into the TV landscape, allowing you to customize your outreach towards your target audience. Realize the impact of getting that personalized story to the right audience. LiveRamp works with all major MVPDs, so it’s easy to get detailed measurement reports on the heels of your addressable campaign.

Linear Revamped

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LiveRamp takes the guesswork out of Linear TV ad buys

You can use LiveRamp to measure exactly how hard your Linear TV ad dollars are working for you. Advertisers can not only tie legacy Linear TV to digital exposures, but also link to online, offline, or location conversions to accurately measure campaign ROI. Now Linear TV is as data-driven as Addressable and CTV!

CTV Simplified

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Measure your connected TV advertising

CTV is integral to extending the reach of your premium video ads on the TV screen. Layer third-party data onto your standard CTV measurement reports through your partner of choice to get the full effect of your advertising. LiveRamp powers the measurement of CTV campaigns, allowing for rich audience data to be added to your CTV analysis for actionable insights.

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