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How Marketers Can Use RampID to Boost Business Impact and ROI across the Customer Journey

  • - Amanda Freuler
  • 4 min read

Nothing feels simple about being a marketer. The Mad Men days have been replaced by a digital ecosystem that would make Don Draper’s head spin. But, unlike Draper, marketers today have technology to boost campaign ROI and connect fragmented customer journeys.

When LiveRamp saw the explosion of mail-in ads a decade ago, we knew there had to be a more targeted and safe way to reach consumers and decrease ad spend waste. Our team of engineers began working on a pseudonymous ID option that could combine consumer information for marketing campaigns while protecting their information. With privacy at LiveRamp’s core, we’ve continued to optimize RampID to help marketers solve the age-old problem of personalizing the customer experience in a way that feels welcome and elevates marketing from cost center to revenue driver.

Here are a few ways RampID can help you simplify customer outreach and increase ROI as marketing, tech, and consumer journeys evolve.

Understand impactful touch points

Everyone has had a cringeworthy marketing moment happen to them when a catalog or ad for a brand you don’t follow comes in your mailbox or your social media feed. RampID was built to help advertisers minimize wasteful marketing spend across channels. This purpose has become essential as the consumer journey fragments more across screens and marketers struggle to understand which touch points matter most.

RampID helps marketers get a single view of consumers through an offline identity graph—a large database of sourced, cleansed, and merged demographic information such as a person’s name, address, and phone number. As customers’ lives change, RampID changes too, updating new addresses, name changes, etc, and providing a deep context for unifying brand customer data.

LiveRamp also enables brands to efficiently connect with audiences across its vast partner network that has been built alongside RampID. Since RampID was designed to be interoperable, it can be used to transact with all major digital platforms and almost every top publisher, and is available on more than 75% of the Comscore 50 and over 11,000 open web domains. This means that RampID offers more reach than any other addressability solution available today while being privacy focused.

Keeping consumers protected

Since the beginning, consumer privacy has been part of LiveRamp’s DNA. One key decision LiveRamp’s engineers made while building RampID was to ensure our online identity respected consumer trust and privacy by removing directly identifiable personal data associations. This now-standard pseudonymized approach allows data consolidation, enrichment, and targeting without exposing or sharing a customer’s private information. 

Prioritizing privacy separated RampID from lax cookie handling, provided strong alignment with oncoming data regulations, and has proven to be ideal for maximizing customer reach for online media. With the strongest security and controls at its foundation, RampID is the only identifier that meets a truly global standard while providing HIPAA compliance and financial services and insurance support. Today, achieving data protection and customer personalization is possible with a tech stack built on RampID. 

Building flexibility and longevity into your tech stack

Cookie deprecation is on the horizon, and even if it wasn’t, cookies aren’t the best option to rely on for your data strategy and campaign optimization. LiveRamp has been preparing for a cookie-less future by building RampID with durability and flexibility in mind from day one. 

RampID lies at the heart of an integrated identity framework — connecting offline and online use cases—and can support individual, household, location, and business-level identity, alongside CTV ID resolution and other online identifiers. Our foundational RampID services are connected to all public clouds today, enabling partner collaboration and data enrichment from leading data sellers, and we continue to develop new analytic tools and clean room partners to unlock the value of your data without requiring it to be moved or copied from your tech stack.

RampID is not just deterministic and durable, but also elevates consumer addressability with authenticated and permissioned access. Whether your data strategy is built on a CDP or is just getting started, LiveRamp’s identity infrastructure can quickly enhance your solution stack with protected data seller pipelines and a leading media activation ecosystem. Why does this matter? RampID increases data quality for better campaign personalization and measurement, ultimately providing the solutions you need to create impactful campaigns that deliver traceable ROI.

There are few industries that don’t benefit from RampID services and the insights that safe partner collaboration can bring. Learn how to use RampID for data-powered marketing success. Read the full RampID story here.

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