Health and Fitness Technology
Brand Achieves 2X Higher ROAS
Using LiveRamp Authenticated
Identity Infrastructure

 Campaign proves the power and value of advertising without cookies. 

  • 2x

    Higher Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) than cookie targeting

  • 34%

    Decrease in Cost Per Page View (CPPV) vs cookie targeting

  • 13%

    Increase in Average Order Value (AOV)


A health and fitness technology brand wanted their media agency to help prepare them for advertising after the deprecation of third-party cookies. The brand needed assurance that they could still reach their high-value audiences and measure on the same outcomes when using the LiveRamp Authenticated Identity Infrastructure. 



Through LiveRamp’s integration with leading SSP Index Exchange via Matched AudiencesTM, the Brand’s media agency was able to reach the brand’s high-value audience with a deal ID built to leverage the LiveRamp Authenticated Identity Infrastructure. The brand wanted to directly match their audience with high-quality publisher inventory without the need for third-party cookie syncs for a seasonal Father’s Day campaign. 

The media agency advised their client on a test design and implementation that compared reaching audiences on cookies and through LiveRamp. The test was designed to use the same audience definition, keeping other variables constant with the difference being the identifier type that was targeted. 

LiveRamp’s Authenticated Identity Infrastructure technology allowed us to effectively expand reach against target audiences and drive significant ROI without relying on traditional digital user IDs. We look forward to watching this solution continue to evolve and increase in adoption as third-party cookies are headed towards obsolescence for both addressability and measurement purposes.
Senior Director, Media & Customer Acquisition


The business outcomes were an overwhelming success for the brand and their media agency. LiveRamp and Index Exchange were able to show how they could not only transition seamlessly to targeting without third-party cookie syncs but that they could also achieve 2X higher ROAS compared to cookie targeting. The health and fitness technology company’s CPPV also decreased by 34% vs the control group using cookie targeting, offering them greater efficiency for their investments. Additionally, They saw a 13% increase in their AOV, proving that audiences reached were of higher value than targeting on cookies. These results validated that the LiveRamp Authenticated Identity Infrastructure was both a viable solution for a world without cookies and can be leveraged today to deliver significantly better returns and efficiencies.

Since the brand has only a few major campaigns during a year, it was important to test and benchmark results before they were no longer able to leverage these learnings. Having unlocked these insights, they are now able to prepare for their next campaign (the all- important Holiday retail push) with the confidence that they will be maximizing their reach effectively and efficiently. In addition, based on the fact that 100% of their impressions are measurable with LiveRamp’s Infrastructure, their investments are more accountable, and they can now plan for and execute an optimization plan that will further drive greater impact during this critical year-end retail period.

This test created excitement across the health and fitness technology brand as well as their agency partners, providing them the confidence to expand their advocacy across the rest of their client accounts who will benefit from LiveRamp’s Infrastructure.


Future plans

After proving they can reach their high-value audiences without cookies and with increased performance, the brand will identify additional metrics and environments to benchmark. They also look forward to increasing addressable reach by activating cookieless audiences on Safari and Firefox. 


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