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ICYMI: LiveRamp and SingleStore Talk Real-Time Data Connection at Google Cloud Next 2023

  • - LiveRamp
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In case you missed it—LiveRamp’s Chief Architect Kannan D.R. joined Lisa Martin and Dustin Kirkland from Google and SingleStore CEO Raj Verma at Google Cloud Next 2023 to talk about collaboration between LiveRamp and SingleStore in the dynamic realm of real-time data processing and AI. Here are a few highlights from the conversation: 

Creating real-time connections

Verma shared how SingleStore is bridging the gap between transactional and analytical data in a hybrid multi-cloud environment, which allows for real-time insights with millisecond response times. Real-time access is becoming the new norm across various industries, driving the need for fast and relevant data processing. 

Accessing insights faster with data collaboration

Kannan D.R. added how LiveRamp, a data collaboration platform, works with SingleStore to meet complex data processing needs in a modernized system. SingleStore helps LiveRamp reduce processing times from hours to seconds with an innovative architecture that supports memory, disk, and object store. This is crucial in enabling real-time and high-performance data handling. The integration of GenAI, combining SingleStore and Google’s Vertex platform, was discussed as a means to create customized models and drive advanced AI applications.

The conversation also explored the challenges of building modern GenAI applications, emphasizing the importance of a well-structured and integrated data foundation for successful AI implementation. Watch the full conversation here

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