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How LiveRamp is Exploring the Power of Federated Collaboration with Customers

  • - Kimberly Bloomston
  • 4 min read

Testing Cross-Cloud Collaboration With Brands, Publishers and Agencies Signals a New Era of Possibilities

With the end of third-party cookies approaching and data fragmentation increasing, the ecosystem has recognized that a new level of data collaboration is required to more deeply understand their consumers and media investments. While data clean rooms have risen as a valuable privacy-conscious tool for these demands, they currently require partners to collaborate in the same centralized location. As more brands, publishers and their partners expand data analysis use cases and needs, it’s become clear that an environment-agnostic solution is needed. 

LiveRamp recognizes our customers need an interoperable infrastructure for their growing data collaboration needs. That’s why we’ve been testing an emerging technology called data federation, and early results with some of our most innovative customers illustrate it’s an ideal solution for the demands of today and tomorrow. 

Data Federation Explained

Data collaboration is the future of the industry. Today this foundational strategy is empowering companies to know customers better, launch new partnerships, and power business opportunities with new insights they simply couldn’t get any other way. As the industry and its governing privacy regulations continue to evolve, there is momentum behind limiting how much data must move between partners and clouds when they collaborate.

This is why data federation is so promising. It’s a technology that allows partners to collaborate across preferred data environments while minimizing the movement and copying of data. 


Through LiveRamp’s federated solution, publishers and brands can collaborate and unify identities across data sets, such as exposures and conversions, all while keeping data in their preferred environments.

For example, let’s say a brand wants to connect its conversion data with a publisher’s exposure data in order to better understand media effectiveness and ROI, but each uses a different cloud for data storage. Historically, these partners both would’ve needed to copy and upload their data into one, centralized environment for measurement and analysis. Through federated collaboration, they can connect their data sets and unify identities all while keeping their data “at home.”  

This vastly transforms the data collaboration process and outcomes. Things like planning, activation, targeting and measurement are significantly faster and more scalable since data stays within its existing infrastructure, while protections around privacy and security are increased thanks to minimizing the movement of data. 

Cumbersome tasks like managing opt-outs also become substantially simpler. When an individual opted out, data owners previously had to delete that person’s information not only from their own database, but all the destinations that data was sent to, resulting in a tricky chain of communications down the data supply chain. Data federation uncomplicates this labyrinth as a single source of truth, where deleting a record at its origin cascades across data networks by default.

Data federation also solves a long-standing challenge in successful data collaboration between three or more parties. Before the use of data federation, trying to connect data across numerous, incompatible infrastructures in multiparty collaborations was an immensely labor-intensive process.

Why Customers Choose LiveRamp

LiveRamp’s business is built on a foundation of consumer privacy, data ethics, and foundational, people-based identity. Our neutral and interoperable platform offers customers complete flexibility to collaborate wherever data lives, with access to our premier ecosystem of hundreds of global partners for maximal scale and reach. 

We are continually making advancements to our platform that expand ways data collaboration can solve our customers’ most prevalent challenges. In the case of data federation, early tests using LiveRamp’s technology with innovators including Paramount and Havas Media have already unlocked industry firsts. 

Multi-Cloud and Multiparty Collaboration with Paramount and Havas Media

Paramount and Havas Media sought out LiveRamp to test one of the industry’s first-ever mixed-infrastructure clean room environments. 

Havas Media places its clients’ advertisements across Paramount’s dozens of premium channels. Beyond needing to measure across an extensive amount of properties, the partners use different clouds, data warehouses, and data clean rooms. They partnered with LiveRamp’s interoperable data collaboration platform specifically to enable connections across these different environments. LiveRamp’s data federation technology was also leveraged to test optimization of how Paramount and Havas Media could collaborate without the usual process of duplicating and moving exposure and conversion data sources back and forth.

Initial results revealed an exciting, future-state of data collaboration. The typical days or months-long process of measuring data overlaps, reach, frequency, ROI and other analytics took place in a matter of minutes, unlocking real-time optimizations that inform new use cases. 

Beyond speed and data minimization, these tests demonstrated significant increases in cost-savings by mitigating complex data processing steps, resulting in enhanced efficiency and accuracy. LiveRamp’s data collaboration technology serves to provide our customers with access to data that would otherwise be unavailable. Unlocking this level of insight in a privacy-forward and transparent way uncovers new information that can transform a business.

Paramount aims to soon open up this capability to more brands, agencies, and even media platforms. This is possible due to LiveRamp’s transparent and configurable privacy permissions, all of which are in control of the data owner. Data federation proves that the future of data collaboration can serve a multiparty ecosystem that enjoys collaboration across clouds, channels and screens.

LiveRamp’s Future in Powering Cross-Cloud Collaboration

LiveRamp’s promise to customers is that we’ll help them build enduring brand and business value by collaborating responsibly with data. 

By supplying an infrastructure that is simple to use, more secure, efficient and fast, we are exploring a new and better way to collaborate that can evolve alongside the demands of our industry. We’re excited about the results we’ve delivered for Paramount, Havas Media and other proof-of-concept customers so far. We look forward to soon expanding these capabilities to even more clients and partners eager to future-ready their business. 

In the meantime, those interested in learning more can contact us at [email protected]. Read more about data collaboration platform.

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