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LiveRamp Becomes First Company to Complete DAA Certification Agreement for Addressable Media Identifiers (AMI)

  • - Travis Clinger
  • 3 min read

Certification Strengthens Privacy Protections and Builds Consumer Trust

LiveRamp is proud to announce it has completed the final agreement with the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) for our Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) and people-based identifier, RampID, to become addressable media identifiers (AMIs)-certified, making LiveRamp the industry’s first company to do so. 

The AMIs policy framework was developed and released by the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media (PRAM) earlier this year. The DAA agreed to manage the certification process for companies in collaboration with TrustArc. The benefits of AMIs certification are four-fold; it will serve to:

  • Enable better advertising, outcomes, and measurement for the ecosystem
  • Provide meaningful choices to consumers, publishers, agencies, and advertisers
  • Enhance privacy protections for individuals
  • Maintain the critical functionality needed to deliver quality ad-supported content and services across the digital ecosystem

In becoming DAA AMIs certified, LiveRamp is taking a leadership position as a company ideally suited to help its buy- and sell-side partners better connect data and improve customer experiences while staying compliant with widely varying legal and regulatory requirements.

“The DAA is pleased to recognize LiveRamp for being the first company to achieve the milestone of a final agreement to subject its ATS technology and processes to the robust AMIs certification DAA has developed,” said DAA Executive Director, Lou Mastria, CIPP/US, CISSP. “The DAA certification process will help ensure that current and future identifiers are privacy protective and consumer friendly, while meeting the operational needs of digital ad buyers and other companies in the supply chain. We look forward to working with LiveRamp to extend the benefits of this certification to its partners and customers.”

Privacy is embedded in everything LiveRamp does, and we constantly push ourselves to exceed even the highest standards. This is why ATS was built on best-in-breed, people-based identity and designed to harbor consumer trust and transparency. In today’s regulatory-dominated and increasingly cookieless world, this ensures marketing programs can be built upon a durable foundation that uses technology designed to withstand evolving privacy and browser policies. Recognizing this advantage, the solution continues to gain adoption with marketers and publishers around the world. Today, ATS is live in 21 countries, counting more than 11,000 publisher domains, 450 brands, and 135 demand- and sell-side platforms as partners.

“Global privacy regulation continues to be an evolution, and with even more legislation going into effect on January 1, it’s crucial for companies to take proactive steps to ensure advertising solutions are privacy-protected and uphold consumer choice,” said LiveRamp’s Travis Clinger, SVP of Activations and Addressability. “This has been a top business priority for LiveRamp even before the onset of GDPR, and it is something we will continue to champion as we build a more reliant and transparent ecosystem without antiquated identifiers.” 

Ensuring the responsible deployment of identifiers in the marketplace is a top priority for LiveRamp and its peers. Alongside executives from the Data Advertising Alliance (DAA), Criteo, and Publishers Clearing House, Travis took the stage at the ANA’s 2022 Masters of Advertising Law Conference yesterday to discuss how we as an industry can build consumer trust while safeguarding the core functionality of our advertising ecosystem. 

DAA’s certification is supported by the leading ad industry groups, including the 4As, American Advertising Federation, ANA, IAB, and Network Advertising Initiative. Learn more about AMIs on the DAA website

LiveRamp is the neutral, privacy-centric platform that powers the entire customer life cycle today, while preparing for the business of tomorrow. Reach out to [email protected] to learn what LiveRamp can do for you.


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