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Connections without Cookies Is the Future of the Open Web

  • - Travis Clinger
  • 2 min read

Yesterday, Google announced that within two years, Chrome will end support for third-party cookies. This long-anticipated news offers clarity about the future for individuals, publishers, and marketers who connect on the open web. 

While serving as the legacy foundation of the modern digital ecosystem, cookie-based identity has many problems:

  • Individuals need better transparency, and more choice and control over their data
  • Publishers need to establish direct relationships with their readers and better demonstrate the value exchange they offer individuals
  • Marketers struggle to engage their audiences with valuable experiences

Last year, in response to these requirements and the expected evolution away from the cookie-based model, LiveRamp and a large number of technology platforms and publishers stepped forward to create new infrastructure that provides solutions to build a new, safer internet, including: 

  • The Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), which provides publishers with the capability to engage in a value exchange with their readers, who can access content in exchange for authentication
  • Privacy tools that help publishers and brands offer individuals a way to manage their data with consent and preferences 
  • Infrastructure to use RampID—people-based identifiers to connect people with marketers—enabling marketers to deliver a better customer experience and to accurately measure the effectiveness of investments without relying on third-party cookies 

Publishers are reinventing their engagement models to offer individuals the ability to authenticate and express preferences over how their data is used. This direct connection with readers allows publishers to understand and connect their customers to advertisers in high-quality environments. Marketers can engage their audiences with content that is relevant and valuable. 

Building and supporting these ecosystem-wide capabilities requires extensive experience to ensure the safe and effective use of data, including processes and certifications to handle sensitive data about people. It also requires a deep understanding of privacy regulations and the infrastructure to share and update individuals’ data preferences across partners, the technology to resolve disparate elements of data to connect people and authentications, and the trust and independence to bring all of these parties together. 

Today, LiveRamp and our partners are delivering these solutions. Publishers and marketers are seeing the benefits of having IdentityLink in publisher inventory. The initial publishers using ATS are live, enabling for the first time the ability to engage people-based audiences on the open Internet—without the use of cookies

This is the beginning of a new era of engagement for individuals, publishers, and marketers, and we’re incredibly excited to see where it’s going. Industry-wide conversion to this new infrastructure is underway and this transformation promises a better Internet for all participants. 

To learn more about how you can deploy Authenticated Traffic Solution, visit our web page or reach out to [email protected].