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From Commerce Media to CTV, Three Experts Spotlight What’s Next in Data Collaboration

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Data collaboration, a strategy once privy to only a handful of brands, is now a growing cross-industry practice deployed to maximize marketing investments and deepen partner and customer relationships. Unsurprisingly, it was one of the hottest topics at RampUp 2023, which brought together a premier roster of thought leaders across industries to explore how data can unlock enduring business value and brand loyalty. In a keynote panel featuring Kristi Argyilan, SVP Retail Media at Albertsons Media Collective; Nicolle Pangis, CEO at Ampersand; and Warren Jenson, President at LiveRamp; attendees heard from these three industry pioneers on what is new and next for this buzzing marketing strategy. 

Though the concept of data collaboration has become nearly synonymous with retail media networks over the past few years, opportunities are rapidly accelerating in other verticals that want to maximize the value of their data. Those like travel, hospitality, and entertainment that are rich in behavioral customer insights, as well as increasingly data-driven sectors like connected TV, are especially primed to reap benefits from the emerging “commerce media” category.

“If you have a unique data asset that can be amplified across more inventory than that which you own, you can be an ad network and create value as part of it,” Ampersand’s Pangis said.

Albertsons Media Collective’s Argyilan, added, “The fact that we have found a way to enter the marketplace, respect all the privacy laws, respect the way that our consumers have asked us to manage their data, and how to use it in service of them is a really powerful place to be right now. We are able to better serve consumers and at the same time, actually improve the ROI of advertising.”

Kristi, Nicolle, and Warren’s conversation confirmed that data collaboration puts businesses in the driver’s seat of achieving better customer experiences and business outcomes. Watch their session to also learn about:

  • What commerce media is and how it’s extracting value from data across industries while strengthening consumer privacy
  • How data collaboration is helping TV players connect silos across linear, addressable, and streaming audiences 
  • Why data collaboration platforms are most primed to drive innovation
  • What the future of data collaboration might look like as interoperability becomes table stakes

Watch this RampUp 2023 keynote here.


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