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LiveRamp and Pinterest Use Clean Room Tech to Improve Analytics

  • - Kimberly Bloomston
  • 4 min read

Over the last decade, the industry has remained hard at work developing solutions for the rise of privacy and subsequent end of third-party cookies. While much progress has been made, one area that has remained an evolving challenge is measurement. 

Brands increasingly prefer to be more hands-on with measurement as they seek to understand their return on media spend. Meanwhile, premium publishers want to maintain control of their first-party data, and have been reluctant to disclose these insights due to a historical lack of protections against data leakage. As the enterprise landscape becomes more and more data-driven, all companies today must find a way to balance the demands of this evolution with a growing responsibility to protect individuals’ data, requiring advanced solutions that make the collaboration of data between parties safe and neutral. 

Optimized for measurement, personalization, activation, and planning in a secure and privacy-first way, technological advances, such as data clean rooms and CDPs, have emerged as ideal solutions to strike this balance. This is why LiveRamp is excited to announce a partnership with Pinterest, which uses LiveRamp’s interoperable clean room tech as a collaborative platform for brands, publishers, retailers, and data owners to advance measurement without compromising data protections. 

LiveRamp’s data collaboration technology provides a protected space where advertisers can join select first-party data and Pinterest platform data in a secure environment, without having to share or reveal customers’ directly identifiable personal data. 

Albertsons is the first advertiser to collaborate with Pinterest using LiveRamp. Ongoing, Albertsons will utilize this technology to deliver closed-loop reporting for brands that participate in its retail media network, the Albertsons Media Collective. One of Albertsons’ first initiatives is measuring crucial metrics like return on ad spend (ROAS) for a healthy eating campaign this winter. 

Goodbye cookie-based measurement, hello advanced analytics

LiveRamp’s integration with Pinterest and Albertsons is just one of the many use cases data clean rooms can unlock. In fact, this collaboration tackles some of today’s most prominent measurement challenges head-on, including progression beyond cookie-based measurement to uncover the advanced insights that drive better business outcomes.

For brands and retailers such as Albertsons, LiveRamp provides secure access to data from publishers and data sellers to better connect with customers, understand marketing investments, and refine marketing strategies informed by advanced insights and ubiquitous identity made possible through RampID. This same technology gives publishers like Pinterest the ability to offer configurable privacy controls where both parties can further limit how their data can be accessed, queried or shared. Controls include measures like anonymity thresholds and access controls. 

By highlighting performance and access to insights at a time when ROI matters more than ever, publishers, retailers, and brands finally have the metrics required to boost campaigns and marketing initiatives. 

A trusted infrastructure for deeper partnerships

LiveRamp’s clean room tech provides a trusted environment for partners to forge deeper partnerships—on their own terms.

Across clean rooms, commerce media, and other sectors, data collaboration is one of the most influential strategies in advertising today. It’s also an enabler to a privacy-sensitive ecosystem, and one that is built upon data-driven results that marketers and publishers need to justify use cases for success.

As a technology partner to companies around the world, LiveRamp seeks to champion privacy-conscious data collaboration in powering media networks and clean rooms for retailers, CPGs, clouds, and many others. Across these relationships, our approach to data collaboration revolves around five foundational principles. We are:

  1. Connected to everyone, everywhere. Hundreds of LiveRamp partner integrations ensure our clients can easily and safely connect to valuable first-, second-, and third-party data.
  2. Neutral, and interoperable. Partners can easily connect data wherever it may live—across clouds, warehouses, silos, and geographies—without needing to centralize data or invest in new infrastructure.
  3. Centered on privacy, so data owners can manage their data on their own terms, without compromise. 
  4. Flexible for everyone. Our suite of configurable tools meets the needs of all users, from data scientists to non-technical business users and across a wide range of enterprise needs and use cases.
  5. Designed for results, with built-in people-based identity, householding, partnerships, activation, data normalization, and hygiene. 

At the start of a new calendar year, it’s inspiring to see the industry increasingly embrace data collaboration and see its benefit to the bottom line. Data collaboration is better for consumers who demand transparency and privacy, for the data owners who have a responsibility to respect those preferences and keep their own data safe and secure, and for marketers, who now more than ever, need to ensure every media dollar spent can be tied to quantifiable business outcomes. 

Through data collaboration, we can derive meaningful insights—and results—by connecting data within and across organizations. Measurement is just one of many impactful use cases LiveRamp is excited to be powering. 

Read more about LiveRamp and Pinterest’s partnership on the Pinterest blog.

For more information about LiveRamp’s clean room tech, reach out to [email protected].

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