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Brands rely on technology-savvy agencies like yours to curate the consumer experience across channels and devices. Creating an omnichannel view of the consumer requires you to merge all kinds of first-, second- and third-party data and connect it to digital marketing platforms and publishers.

The reward? People-based marketing that gives you the ability to take those data insights and activate it in optimized, measurable marketing campaigns across all destinations.

  • Data Services Ecosystem

    Persistent Recognition

    With identity resolution, maintain a consistent view of a consumer or household across offline and online data sources. Data activation is now easy across the entire marketing ecosystem, increasing the ease of analysis and data insights for cross-platform campaigns.

  • Measurement

    Improved Results

    Improve campaign results and strengthen consultative relationships with brands by employing deterministic, people-based marketing for clients.

  • Distribute

    Reach and Flexibility

    With 500+ marketing platform integrations, LiveRamp’s extensive partner network grants agencies the ability to utilize IdentityLink across the marketing ecosystem and better support client needs.

  • Customer-Centricity Starts with Identity

    Barton Goldenberg, President, ISM

  • “What LiveRamp does in the area of identity resolution, I think, is a massive breakthrough of how we’re going to be doing marketing, selling and service in the future.”

    Barton Goldenberg, President, ISM

  • “We’re really excited about the LiveRamp partnership and how we can use it to move marketing forward for our clients. I think it really expands our client’s abilities to talk to their customers.”

    Dale Nitschke, CEO, Ovative

  • Measuring Digital's Impact for Enterprise Brands

    Dale Nitschke, CEO, Ovative

Data Activation across the Marketing Ecosystem

  • Upload and Amplify

    Upload and Amplify

    Data activation begins with our self‑service dashboard to securely import your customer’s first-party, third-party or custom data segments in virtually any format—or upload data files via SFTP. We process 60 billion records each month, and our service was designed for scale, easily handling large files with hundreds of millions of rows.

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  • Resolve Identity

    Resolve Identity

    IdentityLink™ uses advanced recognition technologies to map online identifiers to LiveRamp IDs, applying individual-level identity resolution through a privacy-safe, deterministic (exact one-to-one) matching process and Acxiom AbiliTec®. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, LiveRamp and Acxiom maintain consistent recognition on 98% of U.S. adults and nearly 100% of U.S. households.

    Identity Resolution
  • Onboard and Distribute

    Onboard and Distribute

    Because IdentityLink is people-based, rather than cookie-based, you maintain the LiveRamp IDs of all customers in your client’s data files. This allows you to build custom segments using the entire file. Once segmented, onboard your data to the more than 500 destinations of your, or your customer’s, choice for targeting, personalization, and data insights.

    Identity Onboard
  • Leverage Omnichannel Consumer Insights

    Leverage Omnichannel Consumer Insights

    Utilize LiveRamp’s person-based ID for reporting to create consistent, omnichannel and cross-platform analysis and data insights to present to your client.

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