Digital Marketing Platforms

Enable People-Based Marketing within Your Digital Marketing Platform

Digital Marketing Platforms

IdentityLink™ provides identity resolution as a service, so you can offer individual-level recognition and people-based marketing capabilities within your digital marketing platform. Harness the power of LiveRamp’s Identity Graph to associate cookies, mobile IDs, household IDs, and offline identifier linkages to your Platform IDs.

  • Analysis

    Amplified Measurement and Targeting

    IdentityLink gives digital marketing platforms the ability to resolve disparate identifiers back to people, so you can amplify your measurement and targeting capabilities to address people, not channels or cookies.

  • cogs

    Faster Onboarding. Supercharged Utility

    Pair IdentityLink with Fast Lane delivery to supercharge your platform’s utility with one-hour delivery of offline data sets (e.g. transaction data for suppression campaigns).

  • Data Sharing

    Third-Party Data at Scale

    Scale your third-party data offering without adding overhead. Provide the insights your customers desire by sourcing data via the neutral IdentityLink Data Store.

  • Changing The Earned Media Landscape

    Kevin Akeroyd, CEO, Cision

  • Partner Story: MediaMath

    Abhijit Shome, SVP Vertical Strategy & Practices, MediaMath

  • Digital Marketing Platforms

People-Based Marketing At Scale

  • Enable Individual and Household Recognition

    Enable Individual and Household Recognition

    LiveRamp and Acxiom maintain consistent recognition on 98% of U.S. adults and nearly 100% of U.S. households. LiveRamp maps the online identifiers to LiveRamp IDs by applying individual-level identity resolution, all through a privacy-safe, deterministic matching process. By integrating the LiveRamp Identity Graph, your digital marketing platform can map all audiences onboarded by your marketers to these maintained IDs, not just those matched to a cookie or device ID.

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  • Increase Addressability

    Increase Addressability

    The Identity Graph can be used to create new solutions within your digital marketing platform. By recognizing all onboarded audiences you can decrease information loss, allow marketers to build segments around previously unaddressable audiences, and even enable “burst” messaging using household-level targeting.

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  • Move More Data Faster

    Move More Data Faster

    IdentityLink allows to the expedited movement of first- and third-party data into your digital marketing platform, and across the marketing ecosystem to over 500 platforms via Fast Lane delivery.

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