Agency Resources to Sharpen your People-Based Marketing Expertise

Agency Resources to Sharpen your People-Based Marketing Expertise

Agency Resources to Sharpen your People-Based Marketing Expertise
Client Marketing
Thought Leadership
Helpful guides, tutorials, and templates to help minimize errors and maximize the capabilities of LiveRamp’s Connect Platform
Materials to help clients start onboarding and getting the most out of their offline data.
Insight from top marketers and partners on people-based targeting, measurement, and personalization.

Platform User Guide for Agencies

Basics of File Formatting, Upload and Delivery to avoid errors and issues

File format template

Template to help standardize data onboarding operations

Data Driven Marketing Glossary

Helpful definitions for the most commonly used terms and acronyms

LiveRamp Connect Demo

Quick guide showing how to upload files into the Connect platform

LiveRamp Data Security

Details on LiveRamp data policies as an Acxiom Safe Haven

Data Stewardship with LiveRamp

Details on LiveRamp privacy and security protection

Managing Multiple Client Activity in LiveRamp Connect

Helpful guide to creating new client accounts in an agency master account

LiveRamp Differentiators

Quick list of partnership benefits for both agencies and their clients

The 5 Minute Primer on IdentityLink

Quick details on breaking down marketing silos and moving towards people-based marketing

Sales Support Deck

Pre-built slides to leverage in your collateral explaining identity resolution and other topics like closed-loop measurement and look-alike modeling.

Targeting 101 - CRM Retargeting

Supercharge your programmatic ad campaigns with offline customer data

Targeting 101 - Audience Suppression

Who you don’t target is just as important as who you do

10 Smart Segmentation Tactics

How people-based marketers use identity resolution to get granular, including geography, loyalty, and suppression, and win big

Onboarding Today

The How, the What, and the Why

How Agencies can Harness the Power of People Based Marketing

Guide for agencies to get started with people-based marketing including the top FAQs like handling client PII

Custom Data Segments at your Fingertips

Customize data sets to your exact requirements, including factors like location, demographics, scale, and the time-period from which the data set is created.

IdentityLink Data Store

Discover the best syndicated segments, custom segments, or license data for advanced use cases

Tune-in to People-based TV

LiveRamp expands the realm of omni-channel marketing with people-based targeting and measurement for Advanced TV.

Data Store by Vertical

Discover the best syndicated segments, custom segments, or license data for advanced use cases by vertical

United Airlines

See how United Airlines uses 1st Party Data to improves targeting

Legendary Entertainment

Learn how Legendary Entertainment targets movie audiences with precision


Watch how Lowe’s delivers omnichannel marketing


Listen to Ford on connected vehicles and the future of automotive

People-Based Marketing Everywhere

Learn how to send your marketing beyond the silos to real people

LiveRamp IdeaBook

300 Ways to do People-Based Marketing

CMO Solution Guide

Making Data Driven Marketing Work - How CMOs overcome the challenges of data and transform your marketing

Don’t Get Left Behind: New Research to Elevate your People-Based Marketing

Listen to Forrester and LiveRamp discuss new research on brands’ perspectives for people-based marketing and measurement.

RampUp Virtual Summit 2017

Check out 10 different webinars covering Multi-touch Attribution, Phone Call Analytics, and Incrementality

LiveRamp Help Center

File formatting, upload, or delivery questions? Visit our knowledge base. Get started

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